The Time of Famine

At the time of famine people will be tested, especially godly people’s faith. Famine means not enough or nothing at all, but we are suppose to see GOD as the God of more then enough. Jehovah-Jireh is the Promise Keeping God of Provision. God is all sufficient, when you have nothing GOD says, “I am all you need.” Jesus tells us through the Apostle Paul’s infirmities, “My Grace is sufficient for you.” We know Who GOD is when all we have is GOD. For forty years the LORD God fed the Children of Israel manna, bread from Heaven. Give us THIS DAY our daily bread.

When Abram got to Canaan a grievous famine gripped the land, this was the test to see how faithful Abram will be. GOD does not have a need to see how faithful we are, He is just showing us how faithful we are and the areas where we need to build are Faith in. When we are in lack, we get weak, this is the perfect time for the devil to try and convince us how much God ain’t got it all, “Look at ya’ tired and hunger with no end in sight. God must be getting old and forgot about you. Or doesn’t He see you crying? I see you crying. All you need to do is ‘this, this, & this’ and it’s gonna be alright.” But the Holy Spirit whispers in your ear and touches your heart to wait on the Lord, He sees and cares for you, “Cast your cares on Jesus because He cares for you.”

I have found that God’s best advertisement is us. He has been relying on word of mouth forever. Right now the U.S. is in a famine and believe it or not the world is watching the Church. The world is wondering, “Are they gonna keep calling on the name of the LORD and their Jesus or are they gonna just buckle under the pressure like the others?” A famine will bring out the best and the worst in folks. But see our source is not of this world nor is it depended upon this present age. To make it through this famine and all others, we MUST be connected to the River of Living Water. And He will never let us go thirsty, hunger, naked, jobless, homeless, or whatever kind of less the world got. Because this River has a BRANCH in it that produces fruit that waits to be tasted by all that are in want. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not be in want.

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