The Anointed Stimulus & Health-Care Package Pt 3

While looking for the right words to explain how to seek God’s face, the LORD allowed me to go to a site that spoke to my heart. I went deep but I looked up and saw how shallow I was. To seek God’s Face is just to get into His Presence. The Blood of Jesus did the hard work, all we have to do is get all of the world weights off of us. Our own carnal mind stops us from seeking His Face because it stands at enmity towards the things of God. So how can one thing that doesn’t want anything to do with one thing allow you to get at the other thing. To get into to God’s Presence, I have found, is a time thing. We can find time to do anything we want, we set our PDA’s to run our lives but if you say something about allowing the Spirit of God to do the same we have hard time talking.

Call me odd but as I have read in my Bible the patriarchs didn’t have smart phones, day planner, e-mail reminders or even the Bible all they had was a Word from God. Can we get back to those days, just give me a Word and confirm it by the stars in the sky and the sand on the beach. But wait, we do have a Word, we have a book with sixty-six books full of Word. Just in case you didn’t notice I’m getting a Word right now, you are just getting the benefits.

Now here comes the hard part, turning from our wicked ways. I know, I know you aren’t like one of these monsters on the Internet trolling for kids, you don’t search for a free minute and go to the porn sites, you probably have never smoked, drank, popped a pill, said a curse word, or everything like that. But scripture say all have sinned, and since you are a part of all welcome to the world of wickedness. Wicked is the Hebrew means to break something to pieces so that it can’t be used for anything. So we replace wicked and call it just plain broken. Put your mind in this frame, when Adam and Eve sinned to the Garden they broke their connection to God. And in their broken state they developed wicked ways.

The first thing Adam and Eve lost was their light, this was them loosing their spiritual life. Next they lost their way, they ran from God when they heard Him walking in the cool of the day. Finally, they started lying to covering their wicked ways. Only broken people do these things, wouldn’t you agree? And that is in man to this day and time. Sometime we have to get broken down to nothingness before we allow God a whack at our brokenness. Try this, the next time you make a ‘little mistake’ run directly to the foot of the Cross, the altar; ask for true forgiveness and know that God is faithfully to forgive, then ask for the strength not do it again. Yeah, power not to sin. Read and Study Romans 6, 7, & 8; Paul went through a lot so why don’t we reap the benefits of his life, which is actually the Benefits of the Lord Jesus’ finished work on the Cross.

I know that I don’t have to explain the promises because some of us have heard the sermons about how sweet the life of a Christian is. But not to many preachers talk about the condition of that sweet life. From what I have found in my four years under the Message of the Cross teaching I have seen that once you start leaving the mess of the world alone the Message of the Cross became easy to absorb.

In closing, God desires to heals His people from their wound, even the self inflicted ones, but we have to start acting like His people and His people aren’t puffed up in their own arrogance. Christians should and need prays in the name Jesus, look for the Move and Presence of the Holy Spirit. And most importantly, we are ambassadors of the Kingdom not billboards for the world.

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