Law Or Grace

Exodus 32: 15- 29 is the story of when Moses caught the Children of Israel worshipping a golden calf right after the LORD GOD had given them the Law. The Priests, under the orders of Moses, killed 3000 Israelites because they still praise a false god. Acts 2 is about the Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came upon the 120 that were in the upper and Peter preach a Word so strong that 3000 people gave their hearts to Lord Jesus. According to the Law~ kill them. But Grace calls for mercy and puts us in justified state with GOD.

The Law can not justify anyone, it wasn’t meant to, it was meant to show us that we can not live up to God’s Righteousness . Jesus Christ is the only man, born of a woman, that always and at every point followed the Law. The Lord Jesus is the Righteousness of God. That’s the main reason why GOD gave the Law, to show us that we can’t live up it. Think about it like this: thou shall not lie is one of the Ten Commandments that we break constantly but all we had to do is to break it once. One time breaking the law makes you a law breaker. Which make us forever out of the Presence of GOD. We see that Grace is more than just unmerited favor from God. It is God’s way of helping us to do what He has called us to do for Him and His Will.

John 8: 1- 11 is a perfect showing of God’s perfect love in this little woman that the Pharisees brought into the square after catching her in the act of adultery. By them bring her to Jesus they were trying to show how Jesus was against the enforcement of the Law. But Jesus showed them and all of us what grace really is. Okay you did it, no doubt about, but when you stand in front of the Master and your heart has true repentance in it, He will give you Grace. Not the full existent of the Law which we deserve but mercy from the Lord GOD who wrote the Law which we broke.

You can live by the Law or by Grace but you can’t live by both. You can not live by some laws that you have made for yourself because just like the Law that GOD made, we can’t live up to those. But all we have to do is live in the Light of Christ and let His Grace shine on us. The next time you say grace over your food, you might think about it a little differently.

God is great and God is good…

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