Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day

As odd as this may sound, this is a true story. In the November of 1995  I was not a good dude because I am telling the truth I was gun toting hooligan in the Lake Edward section of Virginia Beach, Va. I was living at one of my lowest time and the leader of a band of  low lives. We were known for a lot of things but our spiritual connection to the Most High was diffidently not one of the lines on our resume. There is one night that stands out in my mind for the reason that will be obvious to you after the tale has been spun.

Because I have respect for the guys that where with me in regards to the fact that they might not want me telling about their past sins, I’ll just say that on this night there were about four to six of my cohorts in attendance with me on this night. While the brothers and I were on the corner of West Hasting Arch and Red Horse passing around the blunt and the usually convocation of what we going to be when we get the chances to…, I observed one the only brothers in Lake Ed that didn’t have toe in dirt.

He was the father of a family of girls, three including his wife. We always in an unconscious way don’t bothering them. If we saw his daughters wondering too far from their front door, we would tell the little angels that they Mommy might be looking for them. Even though his wife was thick as duck butter, we never approached her in disrespect. And when we say him we just gave him the brother man head nod and one finger, Sup?

This night was not different for the others brother but it was different for this brother, me. I was tried. Not so much physical but emotionality. See I was living with a woman that was on my last nervous and I was giving her gas money to get there. I was just out of jail for driving on suspended license, yeah they can lock you up for that. I had more enemies then friend and had no friends. The brothers that I was out with weren’t friends but temporary allies in a war that had no sides or purpose. We were only together to keep on eye on one another; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Our attire was identical down to the hardware that we were carrying; leather jackets, fashion hoodies, dark skull caps, dark jeans, assorted styles of boots, and fully loaded hand-guns, 9mm’s and .40 calibers. Our convocations were laced with profanity and lies.

During this time in my life I was claiming to be Five Percent Muslim on the teachings of the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan. And if he would have came up to us, he would told us that in all of his teachings he told us that this was what he was telling in the strictest words not to do. But I digress.

As we were literally chilling in the November frigid air, I caught glimpse of the square brother in the his daughter’s room. He was playing airplane for bed time. Now here’s where you might not believe me but please do. Time slowed down, I was actually starring into his home. Wondering what that life was like. What it like to hear your seeds giggle and laugh? What did sound to your seeds tell you that they loved you? And the big question; what was it like to have woman that you could trust?

I dripped my head and did something that we all know today as a prayer but then it was just a fantasy thought, “I want to be like that dude, someday.” I had no real concept on faith talk; Name It & Claim It, Blab It & Grab It or what every I say in faith God has to get behind. But what I was really doing was putting into play a spirituality law found in 2 Corinthians 12: 10. I didn’t necessarily want to be like him but I didn’t want to be like me anymore.

Now this would be a pretty dull story if you didn’t know what happen in the years from there to here. And if you have been reading my articles for a while then you know the best way I can teach you about the Love of GOD is to show you through my eyes. June 20, 2010 is the date of this article and my fourth Father’s Day. To keep it real, my son is running from the front door to the back door with his Thomas the Train blanket as his cape, Hallelujah. Abram walked around the wilderness with one Word from God. I never told God that I would do anything if He give me a life worth living, He just did it so that my life would be worth living and now I live it it for HIM. To the best the of my ability.

I walked around the wilderness of America with one Word. “Wait a minute Brother Ambe, God didn’t tell you that He would give a family. You just said it was a just a thought.” See the mere fact the I got tried of living a devilish lifestyle and want to be better, was enough for God to move in my life to get me to the point where I could ask properly.

Quick History: June 24, 1998 I met my wife. June 26, 2000 we got married and for seven years we went through Pride and Praise. God broke our pride so we could praise HIM. May 15, 2007 we came face to face with the person that need us to grow up so we could raise him up right in the Lord. And with a big smile I can say that I am that square dude. Hallelujah.

Father’s Day is not one day on the calendar for me, it’s everyday since May 15, 2007 until we are called up by Christ to be with our Heavenly Father.

Dear Heavenly Father thank You for loving me enough to die horrible death on the Cross just to me access to come the Throne of Grace and Mercy to say thank You. Lord that I don’t deserve this beautiful life You have Blessed me with but I just know that in all my ways I will acknowledge You. Lord I thank You giving me a Word for Your Church ad heart of repentance. Lord I just want to the father that You would have me to be from within Your Will. Lord GOD You are so good because I know I could not give my only begotten son to a world that would not just hate Him but turn His Words into money for their pockets. But at the same time Dear Master I can’t understand why You pulled me out of the pit of my own destroy. But there is Your Amazing Grace at work. I thank You in the name of Jesus for my father who is such good man and a good example of Godly manhood. And for all the father that our playing their positions in their children’s lives and for ones that aren’t softness their heart towards You, Lord. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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