A Righteous and Just God’s Plan

The promise of a Redeemer, in Genesis 3:15, was because Original Sin had given authority of the world and Earth over to Satan. In Luke 4:6, Satan took Jesus to a high mountain and told Him he would give Him authority, power, ruling-control, and dominion over all the kingdoms of the world —that had been handed over to him —if He would just bow down and worship him. Since this was a temptation the devil could not have given Him all of this IF it wasn’t his in the first place. You can not give somebody something that you do not have. The question is: Where did he get this authority, power, ruling-control, and dominion over the kingdoms of the world from? The answer: From Adam and Eve when they fell into original sin in Genesis 3: 1-13. Now where did they get the authority from? God gave it to them in Genesis 1: 26, 28.

Genesis 3:15 is a Righteous and Just God showing His mercy and how He was going to redeem mankind back into His Presence. First and foremost, God is a Righteous God Who is not moved by tears. Secondly, God is a Just God Who is not moved by a bribe. We can’t cry our way into God’s Holy Presence. Please believe that every tear of pain that falls from our eye God is touched but not moved. Matthew 15: 21-28 is a perfect showing of how God is not moved by our tears. The Syrophoenician woman was crying and shouting about her daughter being cruelly demon-possessed. Jesus only moved at the sign of her great faith. We can’t bribe a Just God like Simon the magician tried to in Acts 8: 17-20. Simon the magician saw how powerful the Holy Sprit is and wanted that power for himself. Peter told him correctly, “You can’t obtain the Gift of God with money.” If a Righteous God allowed us to just cry our way out of our problems, than the object of our faith would be based on our tears. And if a Just God would allow us to just buy our way out of our difficult season, than our money would be the object of our faith. But our faith must ALWAYS be in Christ and Him Crucified because Jesus didn’t cry on the cross he died. He died for our sins and to redeem us back into the Presence of God. It was the Precious Blood of the LAMB of God that bought our Salvation and Liberty.

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  1. Well done. It has been alwhie, but I enjoy engaging the JWs myself. Check out my post from today about a wonderful witnessing encounter.

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