Why Do We Really Praise Him? Pt1

Genesis 29
When flipping though the channels you come across a church service, as a Christians we understand what’s going on, but to the world it looks like a bunch of people calling on that Jesus. If they don’t know who we are praising and for what reasons we are praising Him, then the nature question is: Why do we really praise Him? Well the general answer is because He died on the cross to give us, those who believe, access to the Throne of GOD, which can not be accessed by sinners. And the odd thing is by now they, the world, know this; they might not understand the ins & outs of Christianity but for the most part the world knows who Jesus Christ is and what we say He did. But here comes the rub, do we know why we praise Him?

The answer is quite simply: we get it from our mother. Leah is the first wife of Jacob but he didn’t love her. She gave him three sons and he still treated her badly. Yeah, she was good enough to lay with but not good enough to be loved. In a culture where sons are concerned to be a sign of masculinity and the fact that she gave him three sons: Reuben verse 32, Simeon verse 33, and Levi verse 34; all of this was not enough to make him love her. HINT. Mama Leah had three boys; back to back to back and still she got no love, all he wanted was Rachel. He could have shown her some kind of kindness. She gave her body, love, and three boys and all she got was left alone til the ‘next time’. My question to you is: what do you know about being used, misused, and then abused? You give all you got and they take it but treat you like stink, just to get to the one they clame they love so much.
To Be Continued

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