Where You At?

Are you in the Sphere of Grace or the Sphere of the Law? Here is the Sign: Where is your Faith? Christians have three parts in our lives: Prayer Life, Study Life, & Church Attendance. If you miss one of these points do you feel like you have commended a sin, or that you have to double up on that point the next time? You are in the Sphere of Law. These three points of our lives are very important but they merit nothing in the Eyes of God. We are justified by our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit imputes righteousness by the shed Blood of Christ on Calvary’s Cross. At the base of the Cross the Lord Jesus brings His Righteousness and we bring our sins. The Spirit of God puts our sins in the Grave and puts Jesus’ Righteousness on us. As long as we stay with our Faith ‘in Christ‘, we are in the Sphere of Grace and this is the only place where the Holy Spirit has latitude to move in us to make us like Christ. If the Law could have made us like Christ, then why did Jesus have to die on the Cross?

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