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If you know me then you know one simple fact about me. Ambe don’t eat scrambled eggs. It’s not for any real reason other than scrambled eggs look funny, taste strange, and I don’t think they there are cooked thoroughly. This fact was discovered by my father when I was about five or six.

He fixed breakfast; scrambled eggs, grits, and bacon. He served it to me and went to get my little brother ready for the day. He was about a year old. When he came to check on me and see if I was finished he discovered that I had ate everything but the eggs.

“Ambe eat your eggs so we can leave.”

“I don’t like scrambled eggs, they look funny.”

“Ambe, I’m not playing with you, we don’t have all day for this. Eat them eggs or I’m gonna whip you.’

This was the first power struggle, and I won. Yeah, I had to take a whipping but I didn’t eat those eggs. Ambe don’t eat scrambled eggs. Yes, I tasted them and I had made the complex mind decision that, Ambe don’t eat scrambled eggs.

I eat them boiled, fried hard with the yoke broke, or you can even mix it in bowl with salt and pepper. But once they hit’s the hot pan leave it alone, don’t go messing with until it is finished cooking on the one side. Flip it and make an omelet out of it. But let it be made known far and wide, Ambe don’t eat scrambled eggs.

My wife made breakfast for us one morning when we first got together, she was my girlfriend then. She made sausage, cheese and egg sandwiches. I took the eggs off because they were scrambled; she took it as an insult.

“Oh, you don’t like the way I make eggs?”

“No, that’s not it. I don’t eat scrambled eggs. Not in a box with a fox.” She didn’t think it funny.

“Was that suppose to be funny? Are you calling me some little fox? I’m not a fox and you ain’t J.J. from ’Goodtimes’.

After I explained that I don’t eat scrambled eggs and the Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham pun. She understood that her boyfriend was strange.

“You eat omelets. You eat the eggs on a breakfast sandwich from the fast food places and they’re scrambled.”

“No, they are scrambled prior to cooking and served as fried eggs.”

Ten years later, she still thinks I’m strange but she knows, “Ambe don’t eat scrambled eggs.”

When our son was about 15 months we went back to Virginia to visit family, but we stopped in South Carolina to see my Grandmother. In the morning she made us a real big breakfast: grits, real bacon, sausage, fried green tomatoes, and scrambled eggs. I ate everything, yes the eggs too. My wife just smiled because she knew I wasn’t gonna say anything to my Grandma about what I don’t eat. Because there is a higher power in play; Grandma don’t care what you don‘t eat.

Here lies the meat of my presentation. One of the main reasons why the world would accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour is because they won’t eat scrambled Jesus. Can we blame them? We have more division than a Math Book. The Lord laid this on my heart, “If you all come out of your dark denominations they will come in the Light of the Gospel.”

Psalms 34: 8, “O taste and see that the LORD is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!” (NASB) Let’s look and see what this one verse is telling us.

The first thing we have to see in this verse is that it’s a narrative, the Holy Spirit through David is telling us to do something. From what I remember about sentence structure when you start with a verb the noun is ’you’. The exclamation ’O’ wants to get your attention. Now let’s go to the two main verbs: taste and see.

Taste is the Webster Dictionary means to experience, to undergo, to try and determine by taking a small bit, or to sample. See is defined as to understand, to make sure, to be hold, to take note or to discern. Now that we are armed with this knowledge we have a little clarity of the intent of what the Holy Spirit is starting to tell us.

“Hey you, take a sample bite and try to get a notable understanding of the LORD and His Goodness.” Wait a minute before we go to the next part of the verse let’s make sure we have good understanding of the Biblical meaning of good. The Hebrew word for good carries the thought of something or someone that is pleasant, beautiful, lovely, delight, convenient, fruitful, precious, and expensive. The only way you can see if something is good is to put it through a battery of tests and then you can determine if it’s good.

When we go to the next verse we see that the Spirit has a planned reason He want us to taste and see about Him. How blessed is the man in the Hebrew means look how happy the warrior or mighty man or woman is. What the man is doing should be paid close attention to; taking refuge. You only need to take refuge when you are under attack by forces that are more powerful then you. The world is full of obstacle. This verse is encouraging us to get inside of God’s goodness where there is safety.

If we, Christians, would stop with all the warring that we do between the denominations, then maybe we can witness to the world about the Goodness of God in the Christ Jesus. To take it back to my egg story, we, Christians, need to give the world Jesus uncooked. Let them cook Him their way because the world don’t eat scrambled Jesus.

The problem with Christianity is Christians. We make a beautiful and simple message of salvation so complex. How simple is this, the LORD God told Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree, they did and now all their children (mankind) will die, God loved us so much He said I will sent My Son to die for them that believe, if they believe that Jesus died for their sins, when they die (in this life) will be with God forever and ever, but if they don’t believe they will go to Hell, the hot and smokey place where they will be tortured day and night forever and ever.

We need to give them Jesus not some crazy man-made idea that’s on the New York Times Best-Sellers List. Jesus said He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life no man or woman come to the Father but through Him. That seems simple, because it is. Give them the egg let them cook it for themselves, give Jesus let them find how to ‘cook’ His Will for themselves. That’s why it’s called a Personal Relationship.

This is not a call for a New Year’s Resolution it’s time to for a Lifetime Renewing. We are going to come out of your little denomination in the big Body of Christ and start doing what Jesus said, Go into the world and teach them about Me. World, if you don’t know how good God is taste and see because He is good, He is good, He is good. Homework: Find out why those nine works are a pun.

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