Stop Look Listen

Stop trying to find reasons to get others to fall into legalism.

Look at all the people that are waiting to be ministered to.

Listen for the Word from the Lord to tell you what to say to their hurting heart.

I have gone to many social network sites and read a few post and blogs about ‘What Christmas Ain’t’ and ‘How We Christians Need to Stop Celebrating Christmas’ because blah blah blah blah blah blah.

How about if we do something radical and just out there this year? Why don’t we start reflecting the Light of the world and not slapping folk upside the head with our little denominational issues? Wouldn’t that be fun?

If I were still in the world, I would tell my children about a fat white man that has gifts for them because they have good. Instead of all the crazy religious yack-yack that Christians throw out this time of year.

I am a simply truck driver. I delivery pallet and pick up scrap pallets and wood. Every business I go to I wish them a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year. Oh yeah I forgot and a smile. See I show the world what God showed me, LOVE.

I don’t break out my Bible that I have in my bag for when I’m waiting to get loaded or unloaded. I don’t tell them the story about the First Christmas. I just give them love. Now if the Spirit tells me to say something to them I do, and then I listen to them pour their heart out and give them Who healed my heart. Not a sermon but a short and to the point word. I give their hurting soul a band-aid, and allow the Great Physician to do His Work.

I am soldier in the Army of the Lord and at this time of year I’m in the medical corps. When I got the orders that somebody is hurt on the battlefield; I go in, put a press band-aid on the wound, and get them to the Field Hospital so the real Doctors can do think job. (Yeah I watch way too much M.A.S.H.)

So why don’t we try and be the Christmas Cheer we talk about?

Merry Christmas and Have Blessed New Year.

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