Overcoming A Bad Hand

You have heard the story about the man that goes into a bar and there are men sitting at a card table and they brat the man to sitting with them a playing a couple of hands of poker, for fun. And the man tells the other men that his father didn’t teach him how to play cards,but he will play hand for the fun of it. After a few hands the man start to win until the other are left with just the ghosts of the dignity. Then one of the card sharks ask the man, “I thought you said you father didn’t teach you how to play poker.” The man just smiles and tells the men, “Yeah my Daddy didn’t teach me how to play poker but my Mama did. Y’all have a good day now.We ll both of my parents instilled in my brother and myself the same words of wisdom, “Play the hand you are dealt until it’s your turn the deal.”

Reading Luke 6: 6- 11 we find a man that was dealt a bad hand. But don’t concentrate on the hand, look at the man and where he is; in Church. Sometimes when we don’t go to church we miss our blessing. We think that if God is going to heal us we need to home in our sick bed so God can find us in our pitiful condition so He will be moved to Move on our behalf. We serve a God of action, Godly Action. Are you in a Godly Territory to receive your blessing from God?

Now look where Jesus was, in Church teaching. How can we get a Word from God if we aren’t in the place where Word is coming forth? Don’t let this bite you too hard, just receive it with the Love it comes to you in. Jesus wasn’t on the web, on tape, DVD, or on T.V. He was at the Church House. When was the last time you were at Church so you can get that fresh manna? Jesus gave the man three Divine commandments, they are for us too but we have to recognize them and do what they say.

Stand up, step out, and stretch forth; yes they sound easy but unless we are willing to allow Jesus to be the Lord of our life these are the most complex instruction every given to mankind. As Christians we get the concept of going to church so we can give the appearance of Holiness. But do we do the things of Holiness? For some of us we got the church attendance part down to a science. Now who are we going there to see? While the Word was going forth the Spirit spoke to the man through the man of God. When was the last time the Word spoke to you? We are suppose to be in a relationship with God, but we are to concern with our relationships in church that we can’t hear from the Lord when He is ready to reveal His Will in our lives.

The Lord Jesus gives two instructions in verse eight that sound a bit redundant, “Rise up, and stand forth in the midst.” Stand up and step out are two actions that we Christians hear a lot, but don’t do unless we think we are going to get some point of pride out of it. As broken as we are from our own prideful lifestyle you would think that when the Lord calls us we should be ready for God to heal us. The last sentence of the verse is the part that we have the problem with, “And the man rose and stood forth.” The man that need the healing heard the voice of the Lord and was obedient to His Calling. Are we obedient to our upward calling in Christ or we waiting for our calling with a position and title?

God only calls the humble and He only uses those who He breaks. Let’s go with the idea of our humility and brokenness is already in the face of the Lord, we become candidate for a healing from the Master. In these six verses we never read, “And Jesus laid hands of the man.” I think we have to many church folk wanting the Lord to touch them and not speak to them. The Lord TOLD the man, “ Stretch out your hand.” The Lord is still telling the man to do something, this is so not talked about the Church today: Acting on the Word of the Lord.

I want to be perfectly understood, God only speaks Bible. If you get a Word from the Lord and it can be confirmed in the Word of God it’s not the from on High, it’s from down below. Take it like you want to but I have got to give you the GOD that I know. Just like verse eight verse ten has the Lord giving the man an instruction and the last sentence is the man being obedient to the Master. Oh how the Church would be this obedient to the Word of the Lord. We just love to make up our own word and pray for the Lord to get behind it. You name me one household where the servants tell the master what to do. What is the name of the kingdom that the lord is subjected to the subjects? 2 Corinthians 5: 17, “Therefore any man that is in Christ is a better man…”

We serve a God that is not obligated to do anything for us, so when He tells us to do something we should do it because we know that all that God does is good. God is more interested in healing us then exalting us. The main reason for Christ to be crucified was to make way for the Holy Spirit in our lives to Glorify the LORD. Salvation is all about healing. Or where you not sick in sin? I know I was sick of sin. The word restore in the Greek means to bring to health and soundness. Is that not what every child of God wants?

The Lord is constantly telling me to stand up on your Faith, take a step out on your Faith in Christ, walk then run the race to I have set before you. We’ve all been dealt a bad hand but the part we all keep forgetting is: We Won. Don’t let the enemy whisper in your ear that he has a better game in town, he is a defeated foe.

In spike of the man’s condition it didn’t stop him from going to church so he could hear a Word of healing from the man of God. While the man was there he was sensitive to the Move of the Spirit and the instructions of the Lord inside the Move. Most importantly the man was obedient to the Word of the Master after He called him out. Then the man got what he came for; his restoration. Child-like faith; get up, come here, do this, and be healed.

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