Just Praise Him Anyhow Pt 2

Acts 16: 22-34, tells us about how Paul and Silas were beaten, locked up and thrown in the center of the jail and locked in stocks but somewhere in the middle of the night Paul and Silas started praising and worshipping the Lord for Who He is.

Some old preachers say that the LORD was listening to them praising Him and from His Throne; the Lord of Glory started tapping His foot. Now with God tapping His foot the earth began to quake and the shackles fell of the saints and the doors flew opened. But they didn’t make a run for it, because God had a Plan in His Mind for the advancement of the Kingdom.

Just like in the 1 Samuel with David finding favor with Saul, it’s was God’s Plan of getting David in the palace. It’s was God’s Plan for Paul and Silas to be thrown into jail so they could witness the Gospel to the jailer and his family.

Praise and Worship are not just the time after the service starts and the time before the preacher begins his sermon, it is the time God hears from the saints and we as worshippers Him standing in front of the Throne of Glory and the Master on High to just praise Him for Who He is, the Great I AM.

You have a chose in front of you when trouble comes, you can praise and worship the problem, magnify the issue of this old world and how horrible it has gonna since…, started calling others in to help you in growing the issue into something that it ain’t, and cause more misery then needs to be there. Or you started praising God because you have never seen the righteous forsaken nor he seeds begging for bread, the LORD God’s Word will not come back void, and greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. My mother would often tell people that were going through, “Just praise Him anyhow.”

The old saints use to say, “If He don’t do nothing else for me, He has already done enough.” Those old saints knew something that we young saints need to get a hold of: Matthew 27: 27-50, Mark 15: 16-37, Luke 23: 26-46, and John 19: 16-30.

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