Just Praise Him Anyhow Pt 1

On my way work Wednesday morning I was listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show and he was playing Fred Hammond’s ‘He Lives’. This song got to my spirit so deep that I was crying because He really does live. I got to work and I had to throw straps (flatbed trailer) at 5:30 in the dark, just a few lights from the building for security purposes. And to top that, my truck would not start because it didn’t have enough juice to turn the engine but it had enough for the radio and running lights. But because no weapon form against me shall prosperity I just started singing, “He lives, He lives, Christ has risen just like He said He would.” I was a little mad at the guys that loaded my trailer because I did ask them to throw straps or me and they said they would, but it is my responsible to security my load on all points. The mechanics came in just when I finished throwing straps and I was up and running inside of 20 minutes.

This might seem small to you but something like this would have thrown my whole day off because I trusted others. But while I was praising the Lord for saving my soul and allowing me access into the Presence of the LORD, the Spirit just told how sweet it was that I was working in these times when others would be happy to be in my position. There was other spirit telling me, “You asked them to do a small thing for you, they knew that you were going to be here before the crack of dawn. Them ‘you know whats’ ain’t worth the spit to cuss them. But just as soon as you see them you are gonna have to cuss them.” At the same time the Spirit of the Lord was telling, “He lives, He lives, Christ has risen just like He said He would. And with that New Life He rose in, He gave it to you so you can be a new creature in Christ. So when they ask you why you are late just tell them, ‘The brothers that loaded me didn’t strap me like I ask them to but I will be there about 10:30, 10:45.’ And leave it at that.” That’s just what I did and the customer was okay with that.

See what I didn’t know was that there was already some confusion there and I did not need to add to it with my little strap issue. It has taking me a lot of years, tears, and gears to understand that there is more at work than just my little problem that can be solve in the twinkling of the eye, but when I add to the issues at hand, with my big mouth, I make it worse then it needs to be, Ephesians 6: 12.

The servants of king Saul in 1 Samuel 16: 14-23 could have added to the kings troubles by calling other ways of attempting to soothe their lord’s spirit but they knew that David could easy their lord’s troubles. So their asked Saul to command them to go to the Bethlehem to get young David to easy their lord’s spirit, and the lad David did just that. He refreshed Saul and the evil spirit left him.

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