Fatherly Advise

There was something that my wife called to attention about the relationship between my son and myself. I tell him to stop doing something and he continues until I get close enough to him to ‘stop’ him. And he says, “Okay, I’ll stop.” I tell him to come here and until I raise my voice or make the attempt to bring him to where I need him to be, then he does what I said or comes to where I need him to be. When I talk to him, he tries to over talk me and misses my instructions. She asked me, “Isn’t this the way you act towards your Father?”

How many times does He call us to do His Will which is good for us? How many times has He told us to stop doing something that we have no business doing and that will only hurt us in the end? I was the same way with my father, thinking he was just ‘the old man coming down on me’ or ‘he just doesn’t want me to have any fun’. But what I didn’t know was what I considered ‘fun’ would only hurt me in the long run. I grew up in a Military Household, so discipline was a little different. Prior Preparation Prevent Poor Performance; Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome: were the achievement statements that I grew up with. But my favorite was: Think Son Think. These are the same ones I will use with son but secondary to the Bible.

Sometimes I want to sell my son on E-bay to the highest bidder but in the some breathe I see the ‘just born’ infant that I couldn’t stop from looking at and just thanked GOD for him. Our Heavenly Father has a long-suffering love for us that is unreasonable and never stops. He loved us while we were still sinners dieing in sins. And He loved enough to die on Calvary’s Cross for our sins. Even though we didn’t deserve any love especially that kind of love. So whenever I get mad my son for not coming right away or giving me a lil’ lip, I have to remember how I treat my Heavenly and Earthly Fathers.

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