Does The Cross Offend You?

If you really think about it, the Cross of Christ shows us that we cannot possible save ourselves. Romans 3: 21-31 spells out how we are justified by faith. We did not do anything but accept what Christ Jesus did for us. He paid the price of the Sin Debt that we owed GOD.

Abraham was known as the Altar Builder, but what all that he was a sinner. Yes, the Patriarch Abraham was a sinner, why do you think he built all those altars because he was so good. He just believed that God was able and that belief was reckoned to him for righteousness.

The question is; does the Cross of Christ offend you? None of your church attendance adds to your salvation. You have a book shelf full of Christ centered books, nothing. We go to revivals, conventions, missionary meeting all of this merit us nothing at the Throne of GOD. You can call yourself Dr. Bishop Apostle and have 100,000 members at your church, and this holds no weight when you are at the Cross. Jesus came to save all that would humble themselves at Cavalry‘s Cross.

The question still stands; does the Christ & Him Crucified make you feel helpless at your own means of salvation?

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