Cussing Christians

Romans 12: 14, ‘Bless those who persecute you; bless and curse not.’ NASB

We have here before us two vocabulary words; Bless & Curse. Bless in the Greek is to speak well of someone and curse in the Greek is to wish anyone evil or ruin. Well now since the Apostle was speaking to the Christians that lived in Rome and to us, why would the Holy Spirit inspire him to write these words? I mean for what reason would God have tell His Children not to be mean to others, but be nice and kind in our speaking to one other? I mean if we are doing good works powered by the Hoy Spirit why would anybody persecute us? Well probably because He knew that the world and other Christians would hate and disrespect us when we are doing the Will of God.

Now for some us, this goes against who we are. Come on now seriously, when somebody does wrong  something to you and you know that you are doing what God told you to do but they go and put up a  road block in your way, it is time to give them the business. But you see on this side of the Cross we are suppose to have some of the Fruit of the Spirit being develop in our lives. Right?

When the Lord Jesus was being nailed to the cross He didn’t pronounce curses upon the Roman soldiers, no He said, “Father forgive them for they know on what they do.” When Stephen was being stoned to death he prayed, “Lord, lay this not to their charge.” This is where we need to be walking to in our Christian walk. At the crushing times in our lives we need to be developing in the Fruits.

I could look to all these Christians calling government official out there name because of the passing of ‘Obama-Care’. But I am going to look at the one that matter when it comes to me being with my Jesus or a table in the smoking section of eternity, ME. When enough pressure in applied on my head, there is good chance I will tell you actually what’s on my mind. And the last thing I am thinking about doing is pray for my enemy, I pray but the ‘a’ will turn into an ‘e’.

I will be honest in saying that I don’t have it together in the Fruits of the Spirit department but I want to and I will not stop praying for them until I get them. The Epistle of James in chapter 3 talks about the fire and poison that lives in the tongue, I believe the Holy Spirit is talk directly to me in this passage.

Now I believe in blessing people. I think it shows your maturity level in Christ if you have an encouraging word for someone in their time in the pit. Now flipping my the hand over and let’s look at all the dirt I missed, when I’m in the ditch I tend to curse my way out. I know this is unholy and I have no excuse for it so I won’t give you one.

My wife will tell me that I have to much Word in me to still be acting like that, and she is right. When the pressure is on that is when the Fruit is suppose to pop out. Did you know that God allow us to go through trials to show us where we are in Christian Walk? If you look at verses 19 & 20 you will see something that should give you joy.

I know for a fact the whatever God starts He will finish, Philippians 1:6. So being armed with this Word, God took me from being hand thrower during my times of pressure but now I am just mouth; a barking rottweiler behind the fence. God knows my heart is to have the pressure on me and just stay in prayer until the trial in over.

The ability to feed my enemy, give them water when they are thirsty and not, in my mind, calling them every name but a child of God, that’s Fruit at it’s ripest and ready for picking.

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