Christian Lifestyle

Luke 22: 54-65. Pete’s denial of Jesus shows how we act in our lives. We might not deny Him with our mouth but we do so with our actions and lifestyle. How can we call ourselves Christians and represent to the world a Christ filled lifestyle by going around cussing, sleeping around, lying for financial gain, and just not living right.

No we are not perfect but perfection should be our goal. Peter called down curses upon himself when the little slave girl said that he was one of the disciples of the Nazarene. How many times has somebody from the world called you one of those Holy Rollers or hit you with a question about God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit and you knew the answer but there were too many people around and you didn’t want to be seen as different.

We are different, holy, and set apart. Let them hate, talk about you, call you names. The world hated Jesus long they hated us.

If we confess Him with our mouths and actions He will confess us to the Father. And God is the only One that should matter.

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