Baby Teeth

I was thinking about all that is going on in my life. So many times I have said, “I give up.” and “It’s not worth it.” Now I am just dealing with my small problems, when I stop to see all that the LORD has done for me, I get teary eyed. Without going into details, God is good.

We must always have Christ on the brain, we must always have the crucifixion on our hearts, and we must always keep Heaven as our goal because just when we think that we have overcome a big challenge in life, here comes another one.

The Lord Jesus had how many angels waiting for Him to say the word? The Lord said, ‘Let Thy will, not my will be done.” And to top it all off He didn’t have to do it. But thank GOD He did.

With all that we are going through, it can’t compare to the Hell that Christ went through for us. So the next time I am going through I hope I can stay in the fire long enough to give God the Glory for all that He had done for me, and not cry like a baby with a new tooth. Because all that crying means nothing to the tooth, but it’s going come through tears and all. And then I can use it for MEAT.

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