Babes In Christ

One of the things that I realized about being a father for the past three years. Another way to start is God has shown how I am as a Christian, babe in Christ. I am at time s a whiny, trifling, ungrateful child. Now some times my son does say, “Daddy, I love you.” that does my heart some good. It makes all the long days and short nights worth it. But the days that he is just working my nerves with his wants, not needs. Daddy I want some water, I want to watch Max & Rudy, I want to go outside, I want to go inside, where is Mommy?, what is she doing?, why is the airplane in the sky? Thoughts are the days that are hard to get through. But God being rich in mercy told me, “I have a planet full of these and you are one of the babies.”

Yes in John 16: 23-28 Jesus told how we are to pray to the Father in His name, but at what point do we pray just to talk the our Father. God is our Father because we have been adopted into the Beloved, Romans 8: 15 & 16. My son is three so he does not have the full vocabulary to talk like an adult but when he talks to me I listen because he is my son. Romans 8: 26-28, tells us the Spirit intercedes for us by searching our heart to interpret what we want in the Will of God.

I call my father about ones a week just to say, “Hey, what’s up, and how are you doing?” While we talk he gives me little jewels of wisdom, just something that came across his mind that he find and it might help me in my life. And as a good father he feels like any words of wisdom he can give to his son in this cold, cruel world would help. Now that’s how God the Father wants, no desires for us. His Heart is so open to us in the way of giving freely the little jewels that He can’t wait to open up the ‘windows’ of Heaven and pour us out Blessings that we will not have room to store them.

As Christians we have full access to the Throne of GOD because we are children of the KING.

There was this man that had figured out how to save the company 25% a year by using a formula that he found. So he made an appointment to see the CEO of the company but it wouldn’t be until six month from now and it would only be for fifteen minutes. Well the time of the appointment came and the man was told by the CEO’s assistant that he would only have fifteen for his proposal. So the man agreed and went into the CEO’s offices. The CEO looked the man in the eye and said, “Good day, you have fourteen minutes and fifty-six seconds.”

So the man started but two minutes into his presentation the CEO’s young child came and interrupted him. So for about eight minutes the child told daddy about their day and showed him pictures of their house. Then the child departed singing a little preschool song. The CEO and the man just smiled and said kids. Then the CEO looked at his watch and said, “You now have three minutes and twenty-two second.”

This is the way I see it, God doesn’t stop time; time just doesn’t mean anything to Him and I while I am with Him. The world is still moving but while I am with my Father the world will just have to wait because I need to tell my Abba something. I have His undivided attention and when I leave Him I am singing, “Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves me, cause the Bible told me so.”

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