An Open Letter to God’s Daughters Pt 1

Who told you that you needed to go in the streets half naked to express your womanhood? Where did you get the concept that your body was for the amusement of others? What makes you think any man would respect you if you don’t show any respect for yourselves? If this sounds like a rebuke, it is. Sister the one thing that you are missing about being a woman, a lady is: Godly.

Shake what your Momma gave ya, ya gotta give a little something something to get a little something something, are terms used to condone prostitution. There are thousands of terms like these but they all have one road, one cause one purpose: to get the Daughters of the Most High God to act like whores. Yes whores. It might be sound like strong language but this is a strong and serious matter.

There is but one God, one Son, and one Holy Spirit and He sees you all as Daughters in Grace. Your true beauty. There has only be one man, Adam, that has seen woman in the Shekhinah Glory of God, the way she suppose to be seen. There has never been any doubt who is the first Gift of God to Mankind. Eve was presented to Adam by God because He didn’t want see him alone. You are our helpmeet, sister, wife, daughter, cousin, mother, niece, and most importantly our God appointed friend.
To Be Continued

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