An Open Letter to God’s Daughters Pt2

I present myself on bended knees in forgiveness for allow all the woman I have dealt with for every believing that their physical form was anything less than a Hallowed Vessel. The names you now wear badges of honor, do you and our seeds more dishonor with every generation. If indeed Christ Jesus rose in the newness of life then the curse stayed in the grave with sin and the old man. To give you a gift less than the Truth was the first of the dishonorable action and for that I am sorry. GOD gave us His Strength, but He gave you the nurturing half of His Creative Power.

Just because your mother didn’t act virtuously and your father was not noble, does not mean that these attributes are not in you because they are. The cause and effect of their action shaped your iniquities and cause you much of your transgressions, but Christ Jesus pay the price to see you free from the Future of Sin. Do you accept this Gift? Daughter, your Heavenly Father waits to show your beauty from His Glory. Sing the Praises, desire His Presence, adorn His Righteousness, and make yourself ready for the Coming of His Christ, Who is the Lord Jesus our Redeemer.

Your short life has never been worth you long hair. Why hide your smile from the Sun and surrender it to the Son of Perdition? With your Tongue of Righteousness call your brother what you desire but never again allow him to greet you as a harlot. Your company is worth more than the entire treasury of King Solomon. You are on a harlot. Your children are not bastards because you are not a harlot. Nor were you built for COMBAT! You hold the generations to come in your womb. Why should you squander you affection for nothing more than an infection?

Do you not understand how important you are? There is an aisle at the store for you? There is a science of medicine devoted to you. Yet you still feel the need to show how powerful you are. Who found the empty tomb of out Lord Jesus?
To Be Continued as the Spirit gives me the Words

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