Would Paul Recognize This Church?

As I read Galatians I can’t help but see the Apostle Paul is ready digging into these Christians backsides. Inside of a ChurchIf you didn’t notice it before, the intro is only five short verses unlike the other epistles. In the verse six he starts in on them with how he is marveled on how soon they have separated themselves for the gospel of Christ that he gave them in it most simplest form. Paul tells them that they have been bewitched and he wants the names of these persons. He calls them fools a few times which really lets us know that he isn’t playing with them. And I guess he has that right, because he started the church.

As for us, if the Apostle Paul came to America and saw us, he would go off? Look at us; the first thing you see is black, white, brown, & all other types of race divisions churches.

I believe that Pastor Paul’s first Holy Ghost filled sermon would just convict us like you have never seen before. I for one am getting a little tried of the Black & White Agendas. Can we get into the Christ Agenda? Would it be okay if we stopped with the all the race talk in the church and talk about how the Blood of Christ can heal all wounds?

Now as for his 11:00 service; All this leaven that we have allowed in the church all in the name of filling the pews. Filling the offering plate is more like it. Yeah that’s right I said it, the majority of these so called preacher are just money-changers. And you do remember what Jesus did to the table of the money-changers? We have so many preachers talking about prospering in the name of the Lord. When all they mean is having a bunch of stuff in our name. Now don’t get me wrong my wish list is very pricey. I personal have about a five million dollar wish list. But on that Great Getting’ Up Morning, I will happily leave all that behind to be with my Jesus. If you forgot Paul wrote four epistles from prison; Colossians, Philemon, Ephesians, and Philippians and I’ll put dime to donuts that he wasn’t thinking about money, a new chariot, nice raiment, or a summer home in Egypt. Paul probably heard from one of the other apostles that the Lord Jesus said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and He will add all these things to you.”

Galatians 3: 29 call us heirs in Christ to the Promise. And that promise is redemption. This is the greatest of all treasures. To know that the Spirit of the Most High Lord GOD lives in us, because we place our faith in Christ and Him Crucified. Now these are riches beyond what the eye has see, 1 Corinthians 2: 9- 16.

The three o’clock service would just hurt folk feelings, and I do mean Church Folk. Ephesians 5: 21- 33 would make a lot of wife look at their husbands funny and husband would have a bad case of rocks in their jaws. See if we started acting like we had some Godly sense, if we started to get all that Hell out of our homes, stop thinking the other one is the enemy, start just loving on each other like the sweetheart we want other people to think we are, and stop thinking of how the other one hurt you. YEAH! We cause all that hell in our house (who man or woman) both. You had a bad day, so now come home and have a blessed night. Your spouse is supposed to be your source of earthly pleasure. The church refuses to talk about a man’s place and a woman’s place. First thing we all must do is ‘play our position‘. Stop doing what you are not suppose to be doing. Husband’s position is to work, out the house and in the house. 2 Thessalonian 3: 10, “Don’t work, don’t eat.” How simply is that? Sisters you are the helpmeet, not the help make. And just so you know woman is the first gift of God to man and the second is grace. Receive that.

There are many other sermons Pastor Paul would have to preach and teach on, but if we can just get these few up underneath us we would not be such of a joke to the world. Yeah, they are looking at us and they are listening to us. They have no idea that they are in darkness but they are sure looking at us like we have the light of the world around us. The Bible isn’t for them, it’s for us. The only word for a sinner is repent. The rest is for the teaching and equipping of us, The Saints.

And as we leave the One & Only Church of the Lord Jesus, Paul would greet each one of us with the love of Christ and ask us, “So what is the deal with the young and the music? Do they really know what HOLY means?”

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