To The Watchmen

Christ CrucifiedThis is a ‘note’ that I placed on Facebook. I have such a love for the Body of Christ because if baby and immature Christians are deceived by these heretical doctrines they will lift their eyes in Hell knowing that they were deceived and could have done something about it by just studying to show themselves approved to GOD.

For some time now I have been reading notes, blogs, status posts and the like and from what I have gathered the Cross of Christ has not been talked about nor has it been brought up, unless it got pass me. Now I haven’t read every one of your communiques but from what I have seen the Message of the Cross is not on a lot of you all’s hit list.

I have chosen you all because you are of the five-fold ministry and have chosen to give yourselves Christian sounding titles. If this reads like a rebuke, just wait until the end and make your mind up then. There have been a lot of heresies in the Church from the first century to now and because of the love that I have for the Church I can no longer allow certain unscriptural doctrines to go on without saying something.

I grew up with one brother and no sisters, and I am very protective of him. So now that I am a Christian, I have millions of brothers and sisters and this protective attitude has transferred to the Family of the Most. My love for the saints is paralleled to the apostles and the evangelists of the Bible; see the greetings of the Epistles for clarification.

The heretical doctrines that plague the Church today are more dangerous because the time of the return of the Lord is closer now than yesteryear. I could list these doctrines but I love y’all too much to call you out. The United States Treasury Department trains their Counterfeit Division in the most unusual way. They don’t show the agents a bunch of phony bills instead they make them study the real thing until the agents know the legal tender on first sight. Isn’t that funny, have you ever heard of counterfeits in other religions? Christendom is rifled through with these Christ imposters.

The Great Apostle Paul told the church in Corinth that he was afraid that the enemy would beguile them from the simplicity and purity of Christ. We missed up, God came down from Glory to clean it up, and all we have to do is believe in what He did was for us and we get to go up. What’s the hard part? Us, we are so hard- headed to the point that we feel like we have to add to Christ’s finished work on the Cross. He said ‘It is finished’.

The link I would like for you to go to is called “The Old Cross and the New” by A. W. Tozer from his book “Man: The Dwelling Place of God”. Now if you want to talk about rebuke, Tozer is not trying to make friend or win people over. He was what we use to call a ‘Fire and Brimstone’ preacher.

The LORD God did a lot prep work to get to the cross just for us to look at it and say “Nah?” The LORD separated an entire nation to show us types and shadows of what the Lord Jesus would come and do to bring us back into the Presence of the LORD. Genesis 3: 8, we ran from God and all He wants is for us to come back to Him. God allowed sinful mankind to nail Him to a cross just so we can come into His Presence. The Infinite One showed the finite one how He was going to do it and then He did it. Now all we have to do is have faith in what he did. Our leg work comes from the same place the Work comes from.

I love you all so much, it pains me beyond understanding to see the Cross just looked at and passed by because some don’t think there’s enough Power in it, so they add to it like God needs man to add to His Perfection. Please read ‘The Old Cross and the New’ and study the Word of God through the lens of Christ & Him crucified.

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