Another Christ Pt3

The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart while reading The Acts of the Apostles, that He wanted my generation and the one behind me in His Church. Meaning: He wants all the resources that we are putting towards the building of a secular system with a churchlike look to stop, immediately. And build a church based on the Message of the Cross without any pervious or distortion. God wants the gospel preached that will sweeps in the lost souls and builds the saints. Now I can take this Word and go from church to church, state to state and get a following of millions. But there is one small flaw, this is not new. This is what God wanted from the beginning. But if you are too lazy to read, you would think I got a new revelation from up on high. And if I had two or three of the ‘elders’ with name recognition, there would be no stopping me.

The Apostle Paul tied all this together with a double-knotted rope. “If a man or an angel preaches another gospel let them be anathema.” And he repeated, “Let them be anathema.” With the second knot he added, “I am not seeking the favor of men but for God Who called me, period.”, verses 8-10. The Apostle is using strong language not just to drive home his point but to wake the reader up on how serious the gospel is. God will not accept us without the remission of our sins. The only way ours are forgiven are when Christ Jesus places our sins under the mercy seatwith His Blood sprinkle on top. If you really read and study this epistle you will find that Paul is talking to them as if they know better. Chapter 3 verses 1-3, the Apostle Paul talks to them like their father Paul, “Have you lose your divine minds? How did you in such a short time forget Jesus Christ, you know the One they crucified for your sins? Who’s lies have you been listening to? Tell me their names! Are you crazy! Have you lose your divine minds? Listen, the same way you got saved, is the same way you stay saved, period.

Galatians is a green switch, bare-legged whipping from a loving father to children that know better. Galatians is also for us that know better. Christ did the work and finished it, that’s why it’s called ‘The Finished Work of The Cross’. Jesus did all the work and just like any labor intensive work, you don’t sit down until you’re finished, right? Where is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ right now?
To Be Continued

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