Another Christ Pt2

Justification by Faith and Reconciliation to God through the Finished Work of the Cross are the two major doctrines of Christianity. Romans 3: 21-31 explains the Doctrines of Justification By Faith and Romans 5 details the Doctrine of Reconciliation. Reconciliation happens once we have been justified. Justified means we have been found in right standing with God and are acquitted of all charges as a sinner. Believe it or not, once you understand these doctrines your Christian Walk can begin. Yes, these are deep but no deeper than knowing about you favorite sports team and their stats. You read about your favorite movie and television star and know about their ins and out of their life or knowing about you favorite singer and who they are sleeping with and all the words they sing. You took your time to focus on them, take the same time and focus on the Lord Jesus. Or doesn’t He deserve your time?

Now if you already have some gospel in you but the mentioning of these two doctrines caught you off guard then you have another Christ. If you think your righteousness comes from your works then you have another Christ. If you think God is some cosmic sugar daddy waiting for you to call on the name of Jesus so He can work for you then you have another Christ. If you think the Bible is a magic lamp and Jesus is the Jeanie then you definitely have another Christ. First off, GOD is the creator and God all by Himself. He breathed one time into Adam’s nostrils and all mankind has been going off that one mighty breath, every since. The Lord Jesus is God the creator and our Saviour because of His Atoning Work of the Cross. The Holy Spirit is so powerful that we can not blasphemy against Him, period. Now with all that said you don’t need a library full of books, all you need is the Bible and the Holy Spirit, Who is the inspired author, to help you understand its meaning.

The chief and main reason why we are so easily turned from the meaning of the Bible is because we won’t take the time and read. We would rather read other books written by high profile men and women of God. Thinking they have a lock on getting revelations from God. The same way God can talk to them He can talk to us. All we have to do is to be ready and sensitive to the Voice of God. There are not that many new revelations out there but there the old ones wrapped-up in a new package. But if you don’t read the Word you will think it’s new.
To Be Continued

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