Another Christ Pt1

Galatians 1: 6-10
Galatians was written to a young church that had been convinced by Judaizers that keeping the Laws of Moses was the only way to be a true Christian. This is a lie from the pit of Hell. The Lord Jesus said Himself, “ Ye must be born-again.” The Lord’s Death on the Cross exhausted the Law. First, we must understand that the idea of Salvation is to stand Justification and Righteousness before a thrice Holy God. All the Law can and did was to show us that we are sinners, period. In fact, Grace is at a higher standard than the Law. Law says, “Do not kill.” Grace says, “Love the one that does not love you.” Example: An officer of the law on the side of a highway with the posted speed limit 65 mph has a radar gun. They allow everybody doing 70 mph grace but pulls the one vehicle doing 72 mph. Why? The officer of the law has the reason but doesn’t need one, the speed limit is 65 mph. They can pull you or I over for doing 66 mph, they have the law behind them. Now here’s grace, you see the officer and you know your speed was about 70 mph and if you get one more ticket your rates will go through the roof. You have just been Saved By Grace.

This is what Paul is telling the Christians at Galatia and us, for that matter. Paul was amazed that they forgot this simple fact. Now are you ready, Paul would be livid to see us, the Church of NOW. I mean we actually have the Bible, we can get it in King James Version, New King James Version, American Standard Bible, New American Standard Bible, New International Version, etc. We have the internet with the Bible at our finger tips. We have commentaries written by men and women of God that give the Word is the simplest form. And we still have the nerve not to know about the Message of the Cross. Yes, the Bible is the story of the Cross; the story of a slay lamb for the sins of mankind. From the Fall of Adam and Eve the Bible is a slow and beautiful build to that day they crucified my Jesus. If I might be so bold as to say the Bible and the Christians belief system can be summed up in about 25 to 26 words Galatia 1: 4, it just depends of what version you have.
To Be Continued

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