In the Name of Jesus

True Story: When my son was about 10 months old he woke up about 2:00 am w/ a small rash on his neck. It was just one of those things that happen to babies but as for a new father, ‘I was scared.’ Momma couldn’t calm him & she started to get scared and was ready to take him to the hospital.

I took my son into the living room; I wet his neck with some cool bath rag and dry it. He was still crying, so I did the only thing I knew how to do when I get sacred; I prayed. “Lord God, please help me. My little man is troubled by something and I don’t understand why the rash is there. His Momma is ready to the hospital but I coming to you first. Your Word said You will move for the righteous that are in Your Son’s name. Please hear the prayer of this father, Holy Father. This is my only begotten; I place him at Your Feet for healing. In the name of Jesus, Amen.”(No that was not word for word but you get the jest.).

Then I started to sing. I can’t explain why but all I knew was I had one thing on my mind, that was the Lord Jesus and His Healing Power. The song I started to sing was ‘Something About The Name Jesus’ by Kirk Franklin & Rance Allen Group. Now I can’t sing like Brother Rance and at the time I didn’t know all the words so I just kept singing the chorus; Something about the name Jesus, it is the sweetest name I know. Oh how love the name Jesus; it is the sweetest name I know.”

I just kept singing it. AJ was crying, I was holding him tight in my arms and singing over and over and over and over and over. Then AJ wasn’t crying but I was still singing. I saw AJ was sleep and at rest, his little neck was healed. But I couldn’t stop singing.

Now you can call me crazy but I know that I know that I know that the Holy Spirit was in my living room; He healed my son, comforted me and made His Presence known. I call on the name of Jesus and the Creator of All came into our little one bedroom apartment & did what He said He would do, ‘If you ask anything of the Father in My name, I will do.’

Now I’ve told that story inside of many discussions on the correct way we should the name of Jesus. And the only thing I am asked is to explain to me why the Lord moved on my account if I said His name wrong? And what does this have to do with Salvation & Sanctification? Why do we play God like he doesn’t know our heart? You say Yahshua and I say Jesus but we are both talking about the Lamb of God, right?

The Artist Named God

Genesis 1
When we look at the first sentence in the Bible, “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth.” we tend to run pass it to get to the deeper things of the Word of God. But as all Bible teachers will tell you, if you believe this statement then the rest of the book will be easy to absorb. In coming to verse two we find the Spirit of God painting on the canvas of the void and deep. To look at the world and not see God is like looking at an elephant and not seeing big. God is the Author of the Bible and the Artist of creation.
The phrase, “And God…” is quoted some twenty- nine times, and with each time God has either said, created, blessed, or saw. This shows us that God was alone in forming the natural world. Contrary to the science community evolution is figment of the imagination but creation is the Work of God. How can we look at a blade of grass with its green veined tints, the powdery feel of a monarch butterfly’s wings, how a birds knows how to catch the wind for their wings, and how cold and moisten the air needs to be for snow to fall was all placed in order by God inside His Counsel. And with the finish of every individual strokes on His painting He stepped back and blessed it or called it good then gave it all to man to for our enjoyment.

The Deity of the Holy Spirit

This is an real email letter address to a brother in the Faith that questioned and just flat deny of the Holy Spirit. I felt it neccassary to put this letter on my site because this brother could not be the only. And I would be slack as a brother in Christ if I allowed him to error in some fundamental truth.

My dear Brother, God has structured our conversion in such a way, so that I can see where I‘m in my Salvation Walk. I know it sounds funny but remember when we started this conversion with a prayed for our hearty discussion? Well if you remember I prayed that the Lord would reveal all that He has place on your heart towards the Kingdom.

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Cussing Christians

Romans 12: 14, ‘Bless those who persecute you; bless and curse not.’ NASB

We have here before us two vocabulary words; Bless & Curse. Bless in the Greek is to speak well of someone and curse in the Greek is to wish anyone evil or ruin. Well now since the Apostle was speaking to the Christians that lived in Rome and to us, why would the Holy Spirit inspire him to write these words? I mean for what reason would God have tell His Children not to be mean to others, but be nice and kind in our speaking to one other? I mean if we are doing good works powered by the Hoy Spirit why would anybody persecute us? Well probably because He knew that the world and other Christians would hate and disrespect us when we are doing the Will of God. Continue reading “Cussing Christians”

Today’s David

This Sunday our church,Christ Unveiled Ministries, wrapped up a three day, five service revival. Other members including myself have been praying for a grand move of the Holy Spirit, and yes the Spirit fell on the first night and the catalyst was a unlikely vessel; a ten year old boy. This young man sung praises to the Most High unlike anybody that I have ever seen. The Spirit has anointed this young brother to stir up the hearts of God’s People and make it easy for the preaching to fall on the ears that have the will to hear from the Lord.

I knew while this young brother was singing that I have heard this type of praising before, David the little Shepard boy. We all know the story of David the king of Israel, the mighty man valor, the giant killer, but who can say they know the story about the boy that would pull at the Heart of the LORD out in the field. I can’t say that I know what it was like to be out there in the pasture with those sheep but the Holy Spirit gave me a glimpse into what He saw in the fields all the thousands of years ago.

Samuel Cornell is cute little kid much all the others but when he got up on that electric piano, the Spirit of the LORD showed up. Now beings though I grew up listen the ministries of music just about all my life I think I have a little knowledge about the caliber of musical skill level sound like when it comes to a young person of his age but this young man blow my spiritual mind. As he began to sing and play his praises to the Master, the Spirit came to Christ Unveiled, all took His rightful position as El Shaddai. A revival service is much without a move of the Spirit and we had Him for all five services because young Samuel is an anointed young man with the gift to stir up the saints in the worshiping of God.

As the Spirit moved around touching all those the willed Him to, the LORD took me to the pasture lands of Jesse the Bethlehemite and allowed me to see little David with his harp watching his father sheep and worshiping the Most High. Only concerned with pleasing his God, young David literally sang and played his heart out. And if you were there for all five services you would have seen today’s David, little Samuel doing the same.

I started to tear up with joy at his parents, Bob and Sharon Cornell of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, as they saw how the LORD was using their little man to stir up the hearts of the saints. This is young man has a grand future in front of him because his parents are showing him that the Move of the Holy Spirit is worth more than the wealth of the world.

The attenders of the revival walked out of the sanctuary on one accord knowing that we must run the race set before us with our focus fix on Jesus. Because He sits at the right hand of the Holy One Who is able to abundantly exceedingly above all that we can every fathom and through it all the LAMB of God is worthy to be praised.