Today’s David

This Sunday our church,Christ Unveiled Ministries, wrapped up a three day, five service revival. Other members including myself have been praying for a grand move of the Holy Spirit, and yes the Spirit fell on the first night and the catalyst was a unlikely vessel; a ten year old boy. This young man sung praises to the Most High unlike anybody that I have ever seen. The Spirit has anointed this young brother to stir up the hearts of God’s People and make it easy for the preaching to fall on the ears that have the will to hear from the Lord.

I knew while this young brother was singing that I have heard this type of praising before, David the little Shepard boy. We all know the story of David the king of Israel, the mighty man valor, the giant killer, but who can say they know the story about the boy that would pull at the Heart of the LORD out in the field. I can’t say that I know what it was like to be out there in the pasture with those sheep but the Holy Spirit gave me a glimpse into what He saw in the fields all the thousands of years ago.

Samuel Cornell is cute little kid much all the others but when he got up on that electric piano, the Spirit of the LORD showed up. Now beings though I grew up listen the ministries of music just about all my life I think I have a little knowledge about the caliber of musical skill level sound like when it comes to a young person of his age but this young man blow my spiritual mind. As he began to sing and play his praises to the Master, the Spirit came to Christ Unveiled, all took His rightful position as El Shaddai. A revival service is much without a move of the Spirit and we had Him for all five services because young Samuel is an anointed young man with the gift to stir up the saints in the worshiping of God.

As the Spirit moved around touching all those the willed Him to, the LORD took me to the pasture lands of Jesse the Bethlehemite and allowed me to see little David with his harp watching his father sheep and worshiping the Most High. Only concerned with pleasing his God, young David literally sang and played his heart out. And if you were there for all five services you would have seen today’s David, little Samuel doing the same.

I started to tear up with joy at his parents, Bob and Sharon Cornell of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, as they saw how the LORD was using their little man to stir up the hearts of the saints. This is young man has a grand future in front of him because his parents are showing him that the Move of the Holy Spirit is worth more than the wealth of the world.

The attenders of the revival walked out of the sanctuary on one accord knowing that we must run the race set before us with our focus fix on Jesus. Because He sits at the right hand of the Holy One Who is able to abundantly exceedingly above all that we can every fathom and through it all the LAMB of God is worthy to be praised.

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