The Thief Pt 2

“Wake up, wake up, you can’t sleep your way through a crucifixion. You have to be in it to win it.”

That was the funniest joke I had ever heard, not. I didn’t think anybody would be able to sleep but some of us did. We got in line for our beam. Nobody was pushing to be at the head this line. I over heard the centurions talking about this was a lovely day for a crucifixion. There it is Golgotha; they should change the name to the hill of a million tears.

I never in my life saw ‘Temple Folk’ curse & scream so loudly at one person. My aunt says some thinks He’s the Messiah. He doesn’t look like a Messiah, He look like chopped ram meat. Oh my Lord, is that His back, I’m gonna be sick?

Now that I’m up here, I have come to the conclusion, “I Don’t Want To Die!”

“ Hay hay hay, King of The Jews, Your Royal Majesty, I hear you are ‘The One’, save Yourself & us too. Ha Ha Ha Ha!”

“ Foolish, shut up! Just shut up! All of us are in the same boat. I’m a thief, you’re a thief, & that man there stab a man over a game. But this man has never harm the head of no one. Are you really gonna let your last words on Earth be nonsense?”

“ Lord, when you build your Forever Kingdom will you remember me?”

“ Paradise is today & you are with me.”

After He said those beautiful words, I understood why my Father would just look up at the sky & shouted, “Halleluiah!

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