The Thief Pt 1

I can’t believe it, they are really gonna do it. It echoes in my ears, “ For your thievery of a friend of Caesar, I Pontius Pilate, give the order for you to be crucified come morning.”

How was I supposed to know that he was a traveling nobleman from Rome, of all places? How was I to know that he had the ear of Caesar? I’m just a thief trying to put crumbs on the table & drops in the vat.

My love, my wife Sarai, her beautiful sand brown eyes were all but red from hot tears when she came to see me. She brought my girls, my two little princesses; Debra & Rebekah. Debra knew & one day Rebekah will know.

Sarai tried to console me, “My Darling, you must have the Faith of Abraham that Jehovah-Shalom will meet you at Judgment.”

“Sarri my Love, Jehovah’s Law is very sure about thieves, so enough of me, it’s all about you & my babies. Go to your mother’s in Damascus, I forbid you from becoming someone’s maid or a harlot. Once you get settled, go to the well, go exactly east til you come to a small altar called Beth-Zuriel. Remove the two smooth stones & live quietly with that smile I first saw you with in Memphis. I know you will raise the babies properly. Just know that I love you so much, King Solomon himself never knew this beauty I was blessed with. I so wish I could have changed for you.”

She held my face & said, “ Shhhhhh, change is a luxury for the rich.”

I can still smell her perfume in my sleeve, the one I ‘found’ in Gaza. “Lord Jehovah, I know I have no place to talk to You but please be with Sarai, Debra, & Rebekah. Give them the peace of mind that I was never able to find for them. Thank you Father.”

To Be Continue

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