The Saints Fellowshipping

If you were present for the free food, you got your fill and a to-go plate. But if you came for a warm smile, giggle-filled convocation, and encouragement from family, you got that and to-go plate. From the Brothers taking the set-up and candid shot, to the mental picture there were nothing but smiles of the Saints Fellowshipping.

As I listen to the convocations of How’s it going? to Did you hear? it was all holy and full of cheer not a harsh word was spoken, just the love of God tickling the ear. Watching the young sisters serving reminded me of back home fish fry in the church parking lot as a little boy, I always wondered where those gray smiles came from and now I know. As good brothers took empty plates of those who could and couldn’t make, this is the end result of ‘Godly Home Training’.

I saw baby saints picking off each others plates, talking about this, that, and the third in some language I never heard. Brothers talking about how good God is and Sisters talking about good God will be, is the language of the Saints Fellowshipping.

The Holy Spirit came around about the beginning of Praise & Worship and He stayed during the sermon to do some convicting. I know He was in the Fellowship Hall for the feast. But He didn’t get the chicken plate or a cup of juice, not even a piece of fruit. Because you see, the Spirit of God was full and glad from the Saints Fellowshipping.

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