The Promise For Tomorrow Pt1

November is one of those winter months that nobody really likes unless their birthday‘s in it. The frost in the air makes everything have a chill which makes everything just miserable. Thanksgiving is at the end of the month and for a good reason, it gives everybody a nice ending to a bone chilling month.

This story takes place in early November, just a couple of days after Halloween. The taste of candy corn, tootsie pops, and bite-size candy bars were still on the tongues of the hood dweller of the Lake Edwards area of Virginia Beach. It was about 8’ o clock at night when Red Mike, Blue, Ali, and I were standing on the corner of Red Horse and West Hastings waiting for the next ‘sell‘. I looked up into the window of this square cat that live in the townhouse across the street.

He was one of the only brothers that lived in Lake Edward but didn’t stay there, if you know what I mean. When we would see him or his family coming or going we would give them respect. We would stop cussing so loud, stop pulling on our blunts, or any of the other things we felt that would show him disrespect. If we saw his wife, we wouldn’t try and holla at her, even though she was worth it. And when we saw his two daughters straying a little too far from their front door, one of us would tell them, “Oooo, Ima tell your Mama you not in front of the house like suppose to be.” He also had one of the only cars on the block that was being used as a couch like some of the other cars.

To Be Continued

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