The Promise For Tomorrow Pt3

What I didn’t know is that I was really praying. I was making my pension known to God of what I wanted.

The mean reason why I remember this event was because about two years ago I was giving my son a bath. And I as I was trying to dry him off ,in the bathroom, he got away from me and ran into his room. I picked him up and played airplane with him. I got him all dried and in his pajamas when I notice that the window blinds were open just a little bit. As I was closing them I looked out and saw a couple of high school kids walking down the street, then my mind went back to my days in Lake Ed. It has been about fifteen years since that days to this and all praises the Lord I am that square cat. I’ve got the dime wife, the shorty, and the normal life.

GOD answered my prays. The time from there to here has been a long journey not just because of the time. But because GOD has broken me and rebuilt me into a vessel worthy able to carry this load. The greatest part about this is that I don’t just have life but life more abundantly.

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