That Odd Day

When I was ten years my mother took me and my three sisters to the crucifixion of Jesus of Galilee. She would take us to just about all the ones to scare us into be ‘good little children’. It wasn’t that much different from the other ones, but this seemed just odd. The Temple folk and Pharisees were all screaming at Jesus about coming down and showing Himself to be real Messiah. My littlest sister Naomi was crying as always but there were other women crying more than her.

I asked one of the neighbors, “Who are those women that are crying the most.” He told me that it was that Jesus’ mother and sisters. I remember vividly the sky got all black, and a stillness in the air like the world was about to stop. The Centurions stopped gambling for Jesus’ clothing, the Pharisees stopped calling to Him to come down, everything just stopped. Then He cried out, “Father, Father why have you forsaking Me.”

“Maybe He is calling for Elijah?” one of the Pharisees asked.

But it was like He was calling for the Lord of Creation to help Him. I’m did not understand that next part so I got sacred and held Naomi closer. One of crooks started talking to Him about something important because afterward the crook got happy and started laugh, crying out, and shouting of praises.

Now with all the crucifixions I had seen this one, like I said earlier was odd for another reason, Jesus did not look defeated but victorious. Like He was at the end of a great battle and won. But how is it, He was the one about to die? He was the one nailed to the cross; He was the one that was on the offence. Because only the guilty are executed, right?

The next thing that happened was truly odd. He, Jesus, cried out, It is finished!

What was finished, what had started? I didn’t know what He was talking about until I got older and went to school in Rome. I went to the Temple, like my mother made me promise, and I heard the one of the leaders reading from the Letter of Paul. I started to understand more and more, the more I went. Now I understand why Jesus said that it was finished.

Yes, all that wickedness that the devil caused was finished and now we can come back into the LORD God’s Presence without that veil and our sin being in the way.

Now that I am the father, grandfather to be exact, I do so want my seeds to have all that Christ Jesus purchased at the Cross of Calvary. But who wouldn’t? Even if you didn’t see the Crucifixion of our Lord, you should still want your children to have the best and Christ Jesus in the Best that our Heavenly Father has.

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