Glory to the New Born King

Luke 2: 7- 14
I remember that dreadful day as if it were yesterday; Adam ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of God & Evil. I cried, “No!” but he could not here me for I am just a Watcher. I have seen man at his best and at his worst. Why is he at his worst so often?

Poor young Abel, he could have never imaged his brother committing such as act to him. Eve just cried for what seemed like a tear for each day she would be without her boys; Adam looked towards the heavens and asked, “What have I done? LORD is this the death that I brought to the earth? Take my life and give my Abel’s life back, restore Your mercy on Cain. Erase the cries from my Eve’s eyes. I am the sinner, they are the innocent, I see now that Your Word shall never be broken.”

Foolish and prideful Nimrod came up with that grand idea of the Tower of Babel. I have never seen the LORD of host so amazed at man’s pride. The family of man was speaking to one another with one tongue, then all in the twinkling of an eye brothers, sisters, cousins, and best friends for life could not understand one word from the others lips. They were so confused; it was a sight to see.

Dear Abram and Sweet Sarai, the way they loved one another, I am convinced inside myself this is the first reason why the LORD chose them to bring the Redeemer through. From Haran to Canaan, Abram just kept talking to the LORD, “Is this the land?” and the LORD said nothing. So Abram kept moving, then the LORD said, “To your descendants I will give this land.” Sarai knew at once that they were in the land that the LORD had promised to her husband. She touched her belly and whispered, “When O Lord, when?” She could not her me but I said, “Soon, very soon.”

I swore to myself by Almighty GOD that I would never speak of the sights I saw in Sodom.

The scriptures could not express the clouds of joy that Sarah floated on for those nine months. She is the first woman that loved her morning sicken. Seriously, she vomited with a smile. I have seen many births and every woman calls her husbands unholy names, but not Sarah. She was praising God with every contraction.

For a time I went to Heaven to Glorify and Praise the LORD, you would call it a vacation. When I came back the Children of Israel had constructed the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and it was truly Heaven on Earth, to a much smaller degree. The Children of Israel had no clue of what the LORD gave them, other nation loathed them because of it and to this day they have never forgiven them for not understanding who they really were. A people set apart to preach the Coming Salvation for all mankind.

For a stubborn and hard-headed people Israel had they glorious times. I loved to watch them at their Feasts and three of them, they would rejoice in the LORD their God to the early morning hours. The praising and worshipping would last for days afterward and then someone would say something to his kinsmen, the other would take it the wrong way and there was Jacob.

To Be Continued

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