Glory to the New Born King Pt2

I thought I could sing the Praises of the LORD but David could put me to a beautiful shame. There has never been a singer of a hymn or a praise leader that could hold a candle to that little shepherd boy. The first time he sung what you call the twenty-third psalm I knew then that the Redeemed would come through him. The Love of the LORD was all over that child.

If I could understand and produce hatred, I would say that word about Ahab. He fell weak over a woman and she wasn’t even all that to look at, kind of plain. But I guess her wealth made her look good.

Isaiah was the only prophet that could see the Messiah so clearly. The Spirit of the LORD told him the name of the Messiah, and after that you couldn’t tell Isaiah that the LORD God was not Awesome and Mighty. But he also saw the Son’s Suffering. He stayed up for many a nights praying that the world would show Him the proper praise for His Suffering. Other times the prophet would pray to God to take the images out of his mind because they were so horrifying.

While on vacation I saw IT. No I can’t explain what I saw, but John said it best, “The Word was made flesh.” Gabriel was assigned to tell Zacharias the priest and another Messenger was assigned to tell Mary. When the Messenger came to Mary, she was so shocked because she was just peasant and could not understand how the LORD had found favor in her. She was chosen by the Father of men at the foundation of the world. After the Messenger calmed her nerves, he then told her what was about to happen and because she knew about the prophecies, she believed and conceived.

From the moment when the LORD told the serpent in the garden his days were number because he had deceived man into falling to Mary conception of the Holy Child it all seemed like a blink of the eye compared to the nine months Mary was with Child. Those nine months seemed like an eternality. The labor that blessed little girl went through was so loud, not because of her pains of labor or the animals that were around her. It was because every Heavenly host was praising and glorifying God in the Highest and every low satanic creature knew their best effecters had felled.

When the Messenger of the LORD came to the shepherd in the field, they were so scared. That’s the main reason why we have to say, “Fear not.” because it not man won’t hear a word we’re saying. The Messenger did not get the word ‘manger’ out before some of us started praising the LORD by flying around those shepherds . See we have been waiting for man to come back into the Presence of the LORD since he fell in the Garden of Eden. The LORD has missed you all so much; you name me one good father that doesn’t want to be with his children everyday. Sometimes while I was on my vacation, in the middle of Praise and Worship I would see The God-Head looking at Earth and weeping because it was time to go down and redeem mankind to Himself.

For what it’s worth, we love you too. See anything or anybody that makes the LORD of host happy, makes us happy. We were created to service, you were created to praise. And we all were created to worship and adore HIM.

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2 Replies to “Glory to the New Born King Pt2”

  1. I knew I would like your website.Thank God for the finished works of Jesus,the cross made a difference but some dont recognise it.

  2. Thank for your words.

    You are correct, some just want the fluff and not the truth. But the one thing I have found is that the truth is the good stuff that people need. Now all medicines can taste like candy some has to have that bitter taste so we don’t go back to the place where we got sick.

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