Call Me Father

Today my son and I went to the park. I was pushing him on the swing and he kept telling me that he wanted to go higher. But knowing him and the swing I could only swing him to a certain height. I even told him, “No, you can’t go higher and stop asking me. I know how high I can take for your size and age.” He understood me about as much as he could then he ask me the same question again. (Message)

I told him that it was time for him to go to the monkey bars and he agreed. While I was busy watching him a little dude about six or seven years old just walked up to me like he knew and said, “Hi.” Then just walked away that’s when I noticed that he came with three little girls probably in middle school. I heard the oldest one telling him not to just up to people, he didn’t pay her any attention.

I saw that his shoe was untied but then I went back to watching my son.  I looked at little man and his untied shoe and got concerned because he could trip and hurt him. Then the oddest thing happen; he came up to me,  sat down next to me and put his shoe on my lap. He was mumbling something so I asked him, “Do you want me to tie your shoe?”

He mumbled, “Yes.” And some other things like he was singing a song that he didn’t know the words to. All the while the three little girls were telling him, “Dante, that’s not him.” One of the little girls asked, “Who do he think that man is?”

“His Daddy.”

The other two said, ‘Ooh.”

After I finished I told him, “There you go little man.”

I think he mumbled thank you as he went back the monkey bars and started playing again.

This puts me in the mind of what it must feel like to the LORD. There are those that don’t acknowledge Him, but He gaves them a Sun to see with and warm themselves with. There are some others that use His might name in vain but He wakes them up in the morning. Some other call themselves believers but on the last day He will tell them that He never knew them.

God the Father is only the father of those that exhibit faith in the Finish Work of the Cross by His Son, Christ Jesus. My son is my son because he is from my body. I have an obligation to protect, provide, and playing around with him. Not any other child because I am not their father. God gave us His Grace and fulfill His Promises to us because we are His children. We are born again; we are justified by our faith in Christ. God is under His Word to protect and provide for us.

The reason why I tied little man’s shoe was because of my loving-kindness, and because I saw that it was what he needed from me. I am not under any kind of legal contract to do that for him. If my son would have come to me I would have done it because he is mine and I will always do for mine own.

I could very easily taken little man to one of the  little girls that were suppose to be watching him and they would have tied his shoe because they were told to take care of him. But see he exhibited faith in my abilities of shoe tying and the fact that I look like his daddy he came to me, so I tied his because of his faith in me.

Now how many times does the world come to God with a nothing problems and they get it done and then just walk away mumbling, “Thank you.”

The crazy thing about all of this, if the world would stop wondering around going up to idols that look like God the Father and just humble themselves to the Cross, God would have no problem with doing for them. And if Dante and I went through the right legal channels I would have no problem with him calling me father.

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