Who You With?

Mark 5: 1- 20
The story of the demoniac of the Gadarene is one those Bible stories that you either get or you don’t get and I get it. Whenever I see a store that says that they sell beer, wine and spirits all I see is the fact that they sell unclean spirits. God bless you if you are one those people that can drink one beer or whatever and be alright, but if you are one of ones that know better this ones for us. This is going to meat straight off the bone, probably with some bone in it. So just chew on the meat and spit the bones out.

The first thing I want to empress on us is; how are we living? When Jesus and his disciples came into town and were immediately met the man with the unclean spirits. This man was not in his right mind nor was he living in the right place or hanging with the right people. I’m going to put this into language that we can understand. Jesus found a man drunk, hanging on the corner with people that were dead in the body and ambition. This man was in and out of jail and out-patient clinics, all the love and interventions could not get through to the man. The brother would sit up late in the night, crying and try his hardest not to go back to the bottle. I personally know how it feels to want not drink liquor and hit drugs anymore but not knowing how to stop. Family and friends would tell me, “Just pray harder and stop hanging with those nobodies over their.” But see if it was that easy then why would we need the Blood of the Lord to run into our lives.

Verse six is my favorite, “BUT when he saw Jesus afar off, he ran and worshiped Him.” But is a word that cancels out every word prior to it and allow every word after to be the main focus of the episode. The man did three things that prove he didn’t want to be like this, he saw Jesus afar off, stop right there. When you are under the influences of spirits they control your mind and vision but when they come into contact with an spirit that is more powerful then they are they lay down. The man was whipping folk left and right but when he saw Jesus coming down the street, but when he saw the Lord heading his way, but when he saw the Saviour coming down the aisle, he got up and ran. This is ‘Faith in Motion’. The brother saw Jesus coming by here O’ Lord, so he ran to meet Him and began to worship at the Feet of the Master.

Now during the man worshiping of the Son of the Most High, the unclean spirit knew that their time had come and wanted to leave the man. Now after Legion left what happen to the man? In King James Version it states clearly, “… sitting and clothed, and in his right mind:…” Here’s the beauty of the Jesus that I serve, the phrase ‘in his right mind’ in the Greek are formed out of two words but they make one word in the Greek which mean ‘gift of Jehovah’. After we come into a relationship with the Lord Jesus, He sits us down next to Him, clothes us in His Righteousness, then give us a gift that makes the world scared of us.

The world doesn’t want around Jesus because he messes up their money flow. Verses seventeen and eighteen are the verses we are living in today and if we are smart we will see how to deal with people that don’t want us. And the last phrase of eighteen along with nineteen and twenty are how we should act once we have be changed with our encounter with the Master. Is there anybody that when you tell your story to they marvel? You could be telling it wrong or you have not been changed, yet. The man from Decapolis was probably one of those brother that just couldn’t stop talking about the day he met Jesus of Nazareth. I know for a fact that if he was married his wife would have the real story for you. If you don’t believe me ask my wife.

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