The Great Fathers Day

Our Mirror
Luke15: 11-32. This is one of the most well-known parables of Jesus Christ. I can remember it from Sunday School as a young child. But all it every said to me was the younger son had a forgiving father. But after I became a prodigal son I understood of more and more.

The prodigal means riotous, debase, and extravagant life/living. This is the condition of the world at large. When we get a little bit of money we want freedom to do our own thing. But it’s really is not our thing, we are following the pattern of the world, Ephesians2: 2. You must understand the world is ready for us. Ready to use us, misuse us, and abuse us in a moment’s time. Because on e of the constituent thoughts, “It will never happen to me, I have all the angles worked out.”

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