The Great Father’s Day pt 2

Our Homecoming
The Prodigal Son was living high on the hog Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but come Monday he was feeding the hogs. He is the son of a king, use to all the finest things in life and he found himself eating hog slop/trash just to stop the rumbling in his tummy. Can you think about cutting off the mold the food just to eat tonight, walking through the Supermarket waiting for your time to do a little ‘five finger discounting’, or flipping one more ‘trick’ just to get little money together.

For some that stopped when the thought came to mind, but the rest of us that went there with it, we realized that our Father can bring us out of this hellish lifestyle like the Prodigal Son. For the Prodigal Son while eating trash, proud was not an option. Proud had left with the money and friends. Do you think he came to sense; when he was eating, getting that sour feeling in his stomach, or that burning feeling from his backsides, where he thought of his father’s servant, verse 17.

Understand this, we all have ingested the trash of this world, but that doesn’t disqualify us from being our heavenly Father’s servant. Because He’s looking for us with compassion and mercy in His eyes, verse 20. If you didn’t catch it verse 21 is, in some variation, everybody’s prayer that wants to be Saved.

By Father’s Day give your Heavenly Father the gift of you, all of you. Stop worrying about how you’ll, cause verses 22-24 is the thing that matters to our Father.

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