Mankind Going Away From God

Luke 10: 30- 34

We know this as being the Parable of the Good Samaritan but there is something inside of this story that the Lord dropped into my heart and it won’t let me go. As I often do when driving I listen to many different radio ministries, there one in particular; “Love Worth Finding” with the late Dr. Adrian Rodgers. Dr. Rodgers was delivering the Word when he made mention of this parable. He said something about Jerusalem being the place of God and Jericho being the place of the things of this world, and the Holy Spirit started dealing with me about how mankind is constantly going away from HIM.

Since the original fall in the Garden, man has been running from the Presence of the LORD. Genesis 3: 8- 10, Adam and Eve heard the Voice of the LORD, got scared and hid themselves. This has been our main problem, running away from the Lord. If we could only get this simple fact in our hearts, God loves us and while we were in sin, Christ died. God has made away for us to come back to Him and the Lord Jesus is the Way to the Father. Noah tried to run from the Presence of the LORD and found himself in the belly of a fish. This is a lesson to all of the Father’s children, whenever we leave the Lord’s side we will always find ourselves in the weirdest places.

Fun Facts: Jerusalem is 2,067 ft. above sea level and Jericho is 853 ft. above sea level. So it would stand to reason that while leaving Jerusalem to Jericho it would be a downhill journey. As it would be if we would leave the Presence of the LORD.

The main reason why this verse just speaks to me is because this is man’s condition in the world. We do something that causes us to leave the Lord and we come into connect with people that don’t mean us any good. They take what is precious to us which leaves us feeling naked and ashamed. We incur affliction that some can see but most don’t. And after the world has gotten what they want from us, they leave us with this hollow and empty feeling. Sound familiar?

But thank God this is not how the story has to end because verses thirty- three and thirty- four is where the Lord Jesus steps into the picture and makes everything all right which is God’s Plan of Salvation. Look at the priest who represents somebody familiar with the ceremonies of church, the Levite who represents the law. The only thing the law can doing is look for offenses to it. When someone has become good at doing the church thing they will aways run from the fire of their brother or sister’s trial like the priest did.

Here in verse thirty- three we have God laying down His Majesty and coming down to meet us at our need, “… came where he was…” What a might God we serve, He came to where we were and cared for us like no one else would or could.

There is no other god that can claim to have done what the Lord GOD has done for us, when we place our faith in the Lord Jesus. God is so faithfully, even when we try and run from His Presence.

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