Is HipHop Our Valley Of Dry Bones Pt3

My Beloved, we are dry, dusty bones. How much life are we living without Jesus? Back in the days, strapped w/ a .357 magnum, high as a mink coat, drinking like a fish, & running the streets; I was looking for a grave to die in, yeah I wasn’t asking for it, but I was acting like it. You don’t have to be this mean, but you do have this in you. My dry bones are on you & yours are on mine, scattered & exposed for the entire world to see. But the only One that truly cares is God, John 3:16 is not just a Bible quotable, it is the straight truth from on HIGH. Please understand that only the Agape Love of God the Father and Jesus the Son can bring us back to life or just give us life.

While Jesus was on the cross, He look through time & said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” You might thing He was just talking about the ones that were disrespect Him, but he was talking about me & you. God deals w/ our future, man deals w/ the present, & the devil deals w/ our past. Ezekiel 37: 4&9, God said, “Prophesy unto the bones…/ Prophesy unto the wind…” Live that prophesy, feel the Holy Spirit, Live! Get out this death, no I’m not talking about HipHop, I’m talking about that Sin Nature lifestyle. That’s older than HipHop, Rock N Roll, Jazz, & Gospel Music; you can not serve two masters. You can’t serve two masters, I’ve tried it, it can’t be done, and you will go crazy, insane. God will give you a sense of what you are doing. Please I beg of you don’t fall in to the mind state that you can beat the system.

Verse 14 states very firmly, God shall put His Spirit into us & put us in our own land. What can be better than that? But then again what would you expect from Our Heavenly Father that laid down His deity to save a wretch like we.

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