Is HipHop Our Valley Of Dry Bones Pt2

My Brothers and Sisters, how alive are we when we live like dead people or some of us use to live like old people; I’ve buried more my homies than a 70 year old man. Now being spiritually dead is to be disconnected from God. Who is giving the appearance of being dead better than us? We tend to look at intelligence as being white. We drink alcohol like it was straight from the Fountain of Youth. We take drugs like we are so sick; weed is a cure all, syrup/lean/drink is strong cough syrup which is a large muscle group relaxer; your heart is a large muscle, ‘X’ rises your internal thermometer that’s that great feeling you get; compound that with being in an enclosed space without good ventilation does that sound like a fun time or what?, & as far as toting that thing, a gun is for one thing & one thing only to kill someone, if that person doesn’t die from the bullet that safe, sane feeling does. Do I have to talk about sex or do we get the point?

Those that don’t know & some that do want to blame the music because HipHop for that most part makes a great argument for the other side. But the realness of the matter is Hosea 4:6; we have forgotten God & his ways. To pull a little from this book, we are Gomer, we are whores, and we will sell ourselves to the highest bidder. Think about it, when was the last time you put yourself in the streets, just think about it. A whore is somebody that sells their body for money, goods, or services.

To all the dry bones, how much longer are we going to let the thief kill, steal, & destroy us & let Jesus be our Savior? He wants to save us, He want to give us life & life more abundantly. Yes it seem hard, yes you are thinking that you are going to be giving up a life of fun. But how much fun are you really having?

To Be Continued

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