Is HipHop Our Valley Of Dry Bones Pt1

First off I must make this statement; when I say HipHop I mean those of us that came up listening to HipHop Muzik: Ole School & New School. We started off in a lifestyle that nobody wanted & now everybody uses us to sell something. And many of us have been used up to our bones & after they’re finished with us they just throw us away or back in the valley: project housing, jails, & relationships of convenience.

Ezekiel 37:1-14, rings in my ears that we are them dry bones scattered in the valley separated from the own parts. We act like our legs are not connected w/ ours bodies because we will go & kick w/ any old body. We use our sex organ far pass what God intended them for. We full our bellies w/ garbage & wonder why they are swollen w/ nothing/mess. Our hearts are filled w/ so much hatred that it overflows from our mouths. We fill our eyes w/ Ungodly visions till our mind state is so twisted we can’t think straight. And our arms & hands are used to push God away & hold on to the devil & his ways so tight that we have caught our clothes on fire so that we go naked in the street. We are so proud of being dead that we sing songs about it. Understand that this is not to bash anybody because one truck bangers [a song that when it comes on while I’m driver I turn it up & straight vibing off of it] are Jay-Z’s “30 Something” & Pastor Bruce Parham “Hide Me”. So when I say we I mean WE.

Let’s start w/ breaking down the title, The Valley of Dry Bones. A valley is low land area visible by from all side. Dry is directed towards our spiritually condition. The term bone helps to show just how dead we are without Christ in our lives. If you haven’t made the connection, Ezekiel is a shadow of Jesus & the breath of the Lord is the Holy Spirit. It might seem harsh to call ourselves not just spiritually dead but on the way to being physically dead, but know that this is true. We need Jesus in our lives to bring us out of the grave.

To Be Continued

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