Boosting About The Sabbath

When I studied the Sabbath from Exodus 31: 12- 18 it clearly told the children Israel to observe the Sabbath. Now I am a Gentile, the son of Gentile, the son of Gentile, etc., etc., etc.; and whenever I try to live up to the letter to the Law I only give power to my dormant Sin Nature. The Law being any rule I try to follow to gain the Righteousness that was bought by the Blood of Jesus, Romans 6 & 7.

Galatians was a rebuking letter written to Gentile Christians, in what we call Northern Turkey, about starting off in the simply child- like Faith of Christ crucified then trying to incorporate Law. Beloved, it’s not about pitting the LORD God, the Lord Jesus & the Apostle Paul at one another. The LORD God gave the entirety of the Law- ceremonial, moral, & sacrificial so that Israel as well as the world (if they were paying attention) a laser pointer to the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus said in Matthew 5: 20, “For I say to you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”(NASB) Meaning unless we have the imputed righteousness of the Lord we will never the Promise of Genesis 3: 15. Paul the apostle said in Galatians 2: 21, “I do not frustrate the Grace of God: for if righteousness came by the Law, then Christ is dead vain.”(KJV)

Has it ever dawn on anyone that the LORD gave one law, ‘Don’t eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil.’ & we couldn’t do that? Here’s the thing; do you want to be seen in Christ Adherence to the Law or your adherence? I love the Law of the God and delight myself in His Will but I have, as much of the Church, found out what Paul found, ‘the good that I would do I do not but the evil I hate that’s what I do…’ And this is because when I try to live the Letter of the Law it only ignites my dormant Sin Nature and I find myself crying w/ hot tears, ‘O wretched man that I am!!!!! Who can save me from this Death????’ This is why God gave us the Law, to bring us to the point where we see our wretchedness. If you can’t see this little item, you will.

Angels bow before Him; Heaven and Earth adore Him; what a mighty GOD we serve. The Law of God was our schoolmaster to bring to the foot of the Cross where you see how sinful we are, to the point where the Lord GOD had to wrap Himself in Flesh and die a horrible death on the Cross to justify all those that place their Faith in Christ so we can come boldly to the Throne of God. So then this allows the Holy Spirit the latitude in our lives to teach us how to live soberly which is in relation toward ourselves, righteously as it relates towards others, and godly in our relationship w/ the LORD: Prayer Life, Study of the Word & mediation of the Word, and Church Life- our attends and servant hood. Denying ungodliness has to do with our heart and worldly lust is our ability to live in the world and not of the world, per Titus 2: 11- 13. Before you say you are living in the realm of Law, the Law demands perfection from your first breathe to the other side of eternity. Christ Jesus is doing it, are you?

Now with all this said I have no problem with anyone as it regards their personal relationship w/ God through Christ Jesus, whether you observe the Sabbath, Feast of the Tabernacle, or the like but my beef as it were is the open face condemning judgment of those that do it as if your observance makes you holier than those of us who don’t. The Holy Spirit through Paul said in Colossians 2: 16- 18, ‘Christ did the work on His Cross and that meat, drink, all holy days, new moon feast and Sabbath days are just shadows of the Body of Christ. And allow no man, woman, or child to steal our reward bought w/ the Blood of the Lamb in the performance of vain prideful flesh.’(Expository paraphrase) And if I missed something, the Lord Jesus told all of us not to judge each other unless we get the pole out of our eye and then worry about the speck in our brother or sisters’ eye.

He Humbled Himself

Many raising His Hands To Worship

Sometime in meditation a phrase will run through my mind until I can’t think pass it. Well in the case of this phrase, ‘He humbled Himself’, has been jogging across my thoughts for a about a week or so. First let’s replace the pronoun so we know who He is, the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus humbled Himself. This brings us to what should be the bases for all of Christendom, the Christian humbled them self.

The Christian’s life style should be one of humility, in essence taking the low road to thought, attitude and action. Our thoughts should be on what are good, just, right, and holy meaning; we should have the constant understanding of how we got to where we are through the Blood of the Lord Jesus shed on Calvary’s cross. Our attitude is how we perceive ourselves and our relationship towards others; whether they are saved or not. When we come in contact with somebody do we feel like they are wasting our precious time with little world’s problems? Christ shed His Precious Blood because of our little sin problem. Sidebar: Beings though we are bought with HIS Son’s Blood our time is not our own. A slave’s time is the Master’s Time. So who’s to say that the LORD God Himself didn’t put us in that place to minister a kind word to that person or to lend a hand to that problem?

Our actions are so important because we are the light and salt of the world. Light in an ever darkening world, Salt to a world full of corruption; we are being watched. The Old Saints use to sing a song called ‘Order My Steps in Your Word’. This needs to be the anthem of the saints in this present age. We have come to the point where we just check- in with God from time to time to tell Him what we want. To live a life of true humility in Christ Jesus we have to not feel the Cross Experience when we get saved and at Easter but as Paul said, ‘I die daily’. There needs to a dying of self, daily. John the Baptist told his disciples that he need to decrease so that Jesus come increase. John saw that Jesus humbled Himself and in correct actions he humbled himself.

There is such self- exhalation in the Church today that it sickens me. How dare we vaunt ourselves to a place superiority when God had wrap Himself in corrupting flesh, live a peasant’s life for 33 and half years just to end up dying a torturous death on Calvary. For what? So we can live a life in His Presence. In closing the expounding of this phrase from Philippians 2: 8 is, “…. Christ the Lord voluntarily laid down His Express of Deity to save a wretch like me…”


Created by GOD

GenesisFrom what I can understand about Genesis, it that God has a lot of creation information to get across to us as it regards the origins of the world we live in. Chapter 1 moves fast because to explain the actually creation of the things of the world would not do much for us, seeing that we don’t have the capability nor the understanding to create something from nothing.
If I remember correctly it was Dr. Adrian Rodgers who said, “The LORD God came from nowhere, stood on nothing, and spoke everything into existence.” A brother from my church told me from a construction point of view, “God created everything from nothing and there was no waste.” God as we know is the Creator but do we really praise Him for that? When was the last time you looked at the world and understand what an Awesome God we serve?

To The Watchmen

Christ CrucifiedThis is a ‘note’ that I placed on Facebook. I have such a love for the Body of Christ because if baby and immature Christians are deceived by these heretical doctrines they will lift their eyes in Hell knowing that they were deceived and could have done something about it by just studying to show themselves approved to GOD.

For some time now I have been reading notes, blogs, status posts and the like and from what I have gathered the Cross of Christ has not been talked about nor has it been brought up, unless it got pass me. Now I haven’t read every one of your communiques but from what I have seen the Message of the Cross is not on a lot of you all’s hit list.

I have chosen you all because you are of the five-fold ministry and have chosen to give yourselves Christian sounding titles. If this reads like a rebuke, just wait until the end and make your mind up then. There have been a lot of heresies in the Church from the first century to now and because of the love that I have for the Church I can no longer allow certain unscriptural doctrines to go on without saying something. Continue reading “To The Watchmen”

God Said

Genesis 3
Looking at the Fall of Man in the Garden we see that man went against what God said. This is the problem we have to this very day we feel the need to go against what God said. Mainly because we think God is keeping some pleasure from us but in fact God is keeping us from a pleasure we can live without. God told man not to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, but because the serpent told Eve that God was keeping a piece of His Majesty from them, she heeded to his word and not the Word from God. Sound familiar? But on the contrary, God was keeping the experience of knowing more than we can handle. And as a resolute of this disobedience we have more knowledge than we can handle and we are temporarily out of the Presence of God.
Disobedience carries a terrible price. This price lays at our door step of mankind upon the birth, death. It’s like walking through a store and knowing we don’t have enough to pay for anything in it but we are steady putting items in the basket. And for meaning of us, we know that we just can’t stay in the store for life, at some point in time we have to check out.
The question on top of the question is: Have we every really thought how expensive the items are and all the items have the same price; death? But to answer the question, yes I do feel hemmed in by God commands. But I feel more hemmed in by the consequences disobedience brings. Beings though we don’t own anything, everything comes with price. The question at checkout line is; have you chosen your method of payment?