He Humbled Himself

Sometime in meditation a phrase will run through my mind until I can’t think pass it. Well in the case of this phrase, ‘He humbled Himself’, has been jogging across my thoughts for a about a week or so. First let’s replace the pronoun so we know who He is, the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus humbled Himself. This brings us to what should be the bases for all of Christendom, the Christian humbled them self.

The Christian’s life style should be one of humility, in essence taking the low road to thought, attitude and action. Our thoughts should be on what are good, just, right, and holy meaning; we should have the constant understanding of how we got to where we are through the Blood of the Lord Jesus shed on Calvary’s cross. Our attitude is how we perceive ourselves and our relationship towards others; whether they are saved or not. When we come in contact with somebody do we feel like they are wasting our precious time with little world’s problems? Christ shed His Precious Blood because of our little sin problem. Sidebar: Beings though we are bought with HIS Son’s Blood our time is not our own. A slave’s time is the Master’s Time. So who’s to say that the LORD God Himself didn’t put us in that place to minister a kind word to that person or to lend a hand to that problem?

Our actions are so important because we are the light and salt of the world. Light in an ever darkening world, Salt to a world full of corruption; we are being watched. The Old Saints use to sing a song called ‘Order My Steps in Your Word’. This needs to be the anthem of the saints in this present age. We have come to the point where we just check- in with God from time to time to tell Him what we want. To live a life of true humility in Christ Jesus we have to not feel the Cross Experience when we get saved and at Easter but as Paul said, ‘I die daily’. There needs to a dying of self, daily. John the Baptist told his disciples that he need to decrease so that Jesus come increase. John saw that Jesus humbled Himself and in correct actions he humbled himself.

There is such self- exhalation in the Church today that it sickens me. How dare we vaunt ourselves to a place superiority when God had wrap Himself in corrupting flesh, live a peasant’s life for 33 and half years just to end up dying a torturous death on Calvary. For what? So we can live a life in His Presence. In closing the expounding of this phrase from Philippians 2: 8 is, “…. Christ the Lord voluntarily laid down His Express of Deity to save a wretch like me…”


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