What We Believe Pt1

Have you every really thought about what we believe? Seriously? We actually believe, live our lives, raise our family, and confess to other people that; GOD has three individual identities and one of them was born of a virgin. Which was announced by angels to be God, in the flesh, the Saviour for all of mankind, so we won’t go to Hell because of what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, some six thousand years ago, allowing a talking snake, that was suppose to have been the Devil, to trick them into eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. Now this is the same God that separated a nation out a man and woman, Abraham and Sarah, that weren’t having children til they are about a hundred years, gave this nation ten rule to follow and when they didn’t follow them He allow other nations to inflected them with cruel living conditions.

But back to this Galilean named Jesus, son of Joseph and Mary; we believe that He preached a message filled with love and compassion for your fellow man and woman and that the Kingdom of the Most High GOD was at hand for some three and half years. But the religious hierarchy thought Him to be a blaspheming young man that deserved to be killed in the world’s cruelest form of execution, the cross. Now the part that makes the world look at us funny is; we believe that He, Jesus, came to earth for this purpose only: to die for the sins of mankind. Just as was prescribed in the Levitical System of Worship mapped out by GOD Himself to the Jews when they came out of Egyptian bondage. We also believe, without any doubt, that after Jesus died, He was buried in a burrowed tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, wrapped with linen cloths in the custom of the day, and after three days dead in the grave, He rose from the dead in a new glorified state. And was seen by a lot of witnesses including His disciples, Then the disciples took His message all around the Middle-East, North Africa, and Southern Europe.
To Be Continued

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