What We Believe Pt2

We have our many doctrines and denominations and with all of our many rituals, ceremonies, and terminologies, we expect the world to think of us as one, which is called The Church. Oh yeah, don’t forget to pay your tithe, ten percent of your gross income, to the Church. Seriously, that’s a lot to absorb, and it’s all hinges on John 3: 16, “ For GOD so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”NASB. This comes from a book written by men that were ‘inspired’ by the Holy Spirit of God.

Well yes, all of this would seem far fetched if the evidences weren’t so dramatic. Untold numbers of people and their lives radically changed for the better. I am talking about hundreds of billions of people that are willing to testify to the goodness of God, through the working of the Holy Spirit with just a little bit of faith in Christ & Him Crucified. And about that book, a beautiful story about redemption in the belief of a LAMB sacrificed for sinful mankind’s deeds against a Righteous, Just, and Loving GOD. The Bible is the Word of God telling us; I Love You.

Come on seriously, this is what we believe? Just think for about a minute, get pass the holy-rollers church services, all the tears, all the hours of praying, studying the Bible, and all the conferences and revivals to get a fresh word from on High. I know for me, if God came in the form of flesh like mine and went through all they say He did for me to have GOD accept me into His Presence. So that when I die I will be able to see thank you face to face. But while I am alive, I will live thank you. Yes my life is in service to Christ Jesus will be my thanking Him, Roman 12: 1. Because if the story is correct once I exhibit faith in what He did at Calvary was for me, than GOD doesn’t see all the sinning I did. He sees all the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And what I want my God to see is nothing but the Blood of Jesus. So yeah, that’s what I believe, what about you?

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