The Word of Faith

Exodus 12: 13 is still in effect to this day. As Christians we have to have the Blood on us and our house so that the wrath or judgment of GOD will Passover us and our house. At Bible Study, Pastor made a joke, rather an observation, “There had to be some Children of Israel who thought if they had enough blood and is the blood in the right place.” These thoughts are orchestrated by the devil and their called doubt.

Doubt and Faith are bitter enemies. Doubt brings you down, faith lifts up. Part of the Children of Israel’s Faith was just putting the blood on the door. This had to have been so far out there for them that doubt had to run through them like a thread through fabric. Faith comes by hearing the Word. They had heard about the great faith of their father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and though if they had faith in the LORD then there’s got to be something about the blood.

I personal know that it’s not the amount of the Blood; it’s the faith in the Blood. Which translate to Jesus Christ and Him Crucified on the Cross so that the wrath of the judgment of GOD will Passover me and my house. Along with the fact that I pass down the story of GOD’s Goodness and my faith in GOD through the Blood of Jesus. So that one day when GOD calls on my children to exhibit faith in something that seems ‘out there’, they will think back to how there father, me, had faith in some ‘out there’ leaps of faith. They will do it and show faith in the Blood.

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