The Faith to Brake Through

Acting On Faith
Mark 2: 1-5
The faith of which I’m speaking of is Faith in Jesus Christ and the Finished Work of the Cross. These short verses are where our/Christians’ Faith needs to be both sides. This shows the type of Christ-like love and compassion to help our brothers and/or sisters on their sick bed or when they are going through. And to get them to the One that healed us or brought us through. And a humble attitude to accept help when it’s offered, Philippians 2: 3-5.

These four brothers played there position. Are we playing our GOD appointed position in the Body of Christ? The scripture is very concise about the role of these men, it doesn’t say whether they had a meeting, or if they asked the paralytic brother about himself and judge from that how much he needed to get to Jesus. They just carried their sick brother, in his bed, to Jesus the best way they knew how. In verses 3 and 4 the Holy Spirit, through Mark, wants us to understand that nothing should stop us from getting to Jesus. If there is some healing going on, we need to get our broking selves down there.

Out Testament Healing
Back in Numbers 21: 4-9, Moses made a bronze serpent which healed the Children of Israel of their fiery serpent bites. Moses made one and put it in one place so the Children of Israel, all some 3 million of them, had to go to where the Bronze Serpent was and if they got bitten again they had to go back to get healed again. How many beds were on their way to the Bronze Serpent?

The Holy Spirit is showing what kind of Christians we should be. These brothers didn’t give money, didn’t pray, but they got dirty with it, sweaty with it. These brothers also got some strange looks and probably got talked about, “Ooooo, I know they don’t just brake that man’s roof ?” These brothers played there position in the name of Jesus. Will you?

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