Coming Down From A Great High Pt1

1 Kings 19: 1-4
Do not get being high on drugs, alcohol, or sex twisted with being high on the LORD , but understand that they can have the same results or feelings, just follow me. After Elijah the Prophet had made a heart-felt pray to the LORD for the Children of Israel to know Him. The LORD showed up, 1 Kings 18: 36-39. Elijah had the prophet of Baal killed, 1 Kings 18:40. Ahab, king of Israel, ran and told Jezebel what happen, 1 Kings 19: 1. This is the lows of that great high.

Elijah ran into the wilderness for the sake of his life and prayed to the LORD to take his life because he believed Jezebel’s assassins would finish the job of killing the prophets of the God of Israel. This would be in the same light as being in church and get baptized by the Holy Spirit for the first time. Then still on that high you come home and find your house burnt to the ground. You are still emotional from the Holy Spirit but the enemy has put this obstacle in your path. Or the LORD is say, “What are you going to do? Praise ME for the gift of the Holy Spirit or allow the devil to shut down your JOY.” GOD’s Grace is not the things that are around you, but the covering that is over you.
To Be Continued

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